I watched as Axel charged towards Neil, and let a small smile twitch at my lips. He had guts, I'll give him that. But Neil was too popular to be brought down by a simple charge, and I studied the battle with interest. The young girl beside me bumped my arm as she cheered for Neil, and then her eyes widened as she saw who she had hit.

"S..s...sorry." I didn't answer, staring at her for a second then turning my attention back to the fight. That was the reaction of most people here when they saw me, partly because I prefered to be left to my own devices, and partly because of my relationship with Candavar, our elder. He had raised me since I was eight, and so I saw him as the closest thing I had to a father. Before he found me, I had been living on the streets, pick-pocketing anyone who came along. My hand clenched in to a fist as I remembered the night he had discovered me being attacked by a drunkard. my long silvery hair had attracted his attention, and I was easy prey at the time. Candavar rescued me and took me in, watching out for me as I grew. I owed him so much.

Axel was angry at Neil now, who had been taunting for the last few minutes. I slipped silently from my place and headed to Candavar, touching his arm lightly to tell him I was there.

"That boy has potential, if he could control his emotion, he would be very talented."

"What will you do?" My voice rang clear as a bell, but the eager crowd near us could not hear me.

"I think you should talk to him, offer him help."

"He is too proud, he would not take it. And anyway, it would give Neil another chance to dig at him."

"Then be discreet."

"For you."

"Thank you Shizuma."

"What do you plan to do now? Only it looks as though we may be one warrior short soon." I gestured down to the ring where Axel had Neil pinned to the floor.

"I think that boy Neil needs to be taken down another peg or two. Perhaps you would like to try...?"

"I shall do my best." My grin stretched as I pulled out my whip from my belt, and slipped over the edge of the ring. Candavar ordered the fight to be finished, and pointed out Neil's next opponent: me.

As silence filled the crowd, I looked up from the floor and smiled sweetly at Neil who grinned back confidently, until my whip cracked, and sent him tumbling to the floor.

Down boy. 

The End

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