Axel Chaos


I walked through a darkened hallway, the voices shouting loser behind me faded, when I stopped at the door that lead to the arena. I adjust Maelstrom on my back remembering when I first applied at the academy I did not how to channel my energy, but on the spot without previous knowledge of how to channelize my spirit energy into a weapon, I barely managed to do it but I did. Everyone laughed at me for coming here with hardly any preparation, calling me a loser, and ignoring. I came here was to escape the life of an outcast, but it made no difference when I came here. But today all of it will change it , I have come to far to not be realised, to be casted aside as a pathetic loser. Today I will show my worth.

The doors opened the light blinding me momentarily. I stepped out keeping my cool as the crowd boos me down. However a small amount of my temper leaked out, as I clenched my teeth, and my open hand into a fist. The actions did't stop the outburst to come. 

"Shut up! I will show all of you! I will be the greatest Black Soul Hunter! Just you watch!" I shout loud enough for the crowd to hear, the booing stops and laughter ensues increasing my humiliation.

My oppenent walks out each step carrying a presence of power, and command. The crowd cheers, Neil Cromwell the popular, composed one who had girls wrapped around his finger, with that came his talent, and most of all is arrogance. Still he left no comment and only gave me a friendly smile. My blood boiled.  The clamour that was emanating from the crowd became silent and still, as Candavar raised his hand.

"Both contestants will now bow to each other, and begin on my mark." He said.

I bowed eagerly waiting for his mark, but also watching Neil with a scrupulous eye.


Before I even knew what hit me I was flying backwards in the air at high speed, my chest hurt a little, and I was lucky that my bones were hard to break or else this battle would have ended right there. I flip in the air and land on my feet sliding backwards on the ground kicking up a fair bit of dust. I Unsheathe Maelstrom quickly blocking an attack I had just barely detected. The metal made a large clanging sound, and small sparks were  spraying towards my eyes. I step backwards fully unsheathing Maelstrom from my back. The dust finally settled and I could see Neil with a chain connected to 9 flails that he was winging just above his head. Each Flail violently arching around in the air. He was going to be a hard Opponent, but I knew that with my bone nearly unbreakable, and my skin as tough as metal, I will emerge victorious. The question is how?

"Is that all?" I jeer," Those wimpy flails don't have any affect on me, and those two hits you scored on me. Well lets just say I'm only warming up!" I say more for myself than him. Then I charge forwards, without gathering spiritual energy. I dodge an assault of flails, I counted each attack.

" one....two... thats three..four,five,, eight....and nine." I say see that he was now open I slice upwards with maelstrom, he attempts to dodge but the tip hits his chin cutting it just a bit, and the force knocking him up 15 feet in the air.  I gather some spiritual energy at my feet, and release jumping above my enemy, raising Maelstrom again. I wasn't going to release my energy on my attacks yet, not if I had to, I wanted to impress everyone, with just attacking with my Physical prowess. I raise Maelstrom above my head like an executioner, and chop down.

"You’re finished!" I yell, coming down at him with all my rage.

Neil's Flails beginning to glow, violet, and move quickly all combining into one  huge flail, I raise my blade to block as it comes down from above me, I hear the metal clash and I'm sent flying down into the ground, my legs to took the brunt of the impact, and they vibrated, the pain weakened me as I lowered to a crouch. Neil’s flail still pressed down on me hard. I grunt and clench my teeth. I tried to lift the weight and pressure of the flail. It lifted but painfully slow, and each second I was tempted to release my spiritual energy.

"No, I can do this with physical power alone." I mutter and throw the flail off Neil’s jaw dropped, as my orange eyes meet his green. I bring maelstrom over my shoulders casually.

"Is that all you got? Because if it is. It’s my turn." I say grinning a cocky grin before taking off at him. I swing at Neil with lots of force and quickly not allowing to counter as each strike grinded across the metal of his chains, I could see in his face he was hoping to tire me out by blocking. I just smile.

"I have lots of energy, tiring me out will take all day, most likely you will tire before I do." I say feeling my rage disappear as I feel the surprise coming from the crowd.

“Do you actually think I have been trying to tire you out? This is why losers and failures like you will never make it." Neil responds coolly yanking his flail towards himself.  Chains came flying out of the dirt along with 5 new flails. Surprise and fear came across my face as five flails come up from behind me, two wrapping around my wrist, two wrapping around my ankles and the fifth yanking Maelstrom out of my hand.  The flails releasing a heavy violet aura that picked me up and slammed me  into the wall then back onto the ground. Each impact the spikes from the flail attempting to cut and puncture my skin, as well as to break bones with each hit. Neil raises me up into the air again, I see craters dotting the ground.

"You’re finished Axel!" Neil shouts, and throws me to the ground the rest of the flails coming up behind me.

Time slowed I could see Cadavar getting ready to step in, I couldn't let him stop the fight, I guess I would have to release my spiritual energy, now.  I close my eyes, and draw in a breath feeling the sensation of power come. I open my eyes, and easily grab a chain and snap it. I rip all the chains that held me in place, and land on the ground faster than the flail. The dust clears, as an orange and black aura surrounds me swirling violently.  I could see Cadavar was already comfortably sitting in his seat, waiting to see what was next.

"Alright, now I'm serious." I say, Neil just smirks.

"Bring it on loser. “he replies, and I clench my fist in anger.

Without thinking I charge at him swiping each flail aside, and aim to punch him, but seconds before I  do that he wraps himself in the chains, and I only manage to hurt myself when my fist hits him. I jump back and grab Maelstrom. Cursing at my own temper getting hold of me.

"A Black soul hunter should never let his emotions get the better of him." Neil says as the chains slowly unravel around him. I clench my fists," No matter what you do, you will always be a loser, and always be crushed, you are weak." 

"Shut up!" I yell," You call me that one more time, and I swear!" I yell, charging forwards, Neil, bring his flail down upon me, stopping me in my tracks, as I manage to block the combination of Flails, with Maelstrom.

"Swear what loser!?" He says.

“To not be called a loser, or lose ever!" I reply, sliding my blade across the flail sending a fine line of spiritual energy that cuts the flail into pieces. Neil looks at me in fear, and in question.

"When it comes to a fight against spirit energy, the stronger, and denser one will always win." I reply sheathing Maelstrom, and charging at him to punch him the face for calling me a loser.


The End

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