Black Soul Hunters

Black soul hunters are called into a hunting game. The hunters will be the hunted. :)


Some time ago, legends were born into the world of Azahla.

Azahla is a world on its own, virgin vegetation covers most of its ground, pristine water runs through its rivers and oceans. Human beings coexists with different creatures in this world. One day calamity strikes, a warrior uncovers the tomb of the most fearsome warlock Azahla has ever seen born, upon removing the lid of his casket he liberates evil spirits that were trapped inside the warlock's decomposing body.

The malignant spirits roamed the world, luring people into giving their body as a dwelling for the spirits. Some people gave their body voluntarily, the spirits would live in them, consuming their pure, immortal soul. In exchange the spirits granted them supernatural abilities. These people became very dangerous and a threat to Azahla. They lived among the "commons", a dark mark upon their face was distinct and clear, telling them apart from those having a pure soul. They soon discovered and mastered their abilities, thus forming an alliance among themselves, but against the "commons".

War erupted between the two sides, the unholy and the pure. The dark souls had a clear advantage over the pure because they could do unimaginable things, in other words, they were death machines.With abilities surpassing those of a person and thirst for death and bloodshed.

A group of warriors, both men and women, escaped from a battle at Cirdetre, the main state of Azahla. The battle at Cirdetre would become another victory for the unholy. They fled from the battlefield, into the mountains seeking hiding. In that mountain, they prayed every night for the battle to end, when finally a winged spirit with bright aura appeared and granted them the power to defeat their enemies. The being gave them the knowledge to channelize their spirit's energy into a weapon, making the weapon strong and an extension of themselves.

These warriors returned to the battlefield and defeated the unholy with their newly attained powers, casting them to an island, confining them in a prison. The dark spirits left them and disappeared into oblivion, and mere human beings were left to rot in their solitary cell.
After the war, this group of warriors decided to maintain the secret of their abilities and knowledge. It was not until the last stages of their life that they decided to share their secret with the rest of the world, in fear that Azahla might be thrown into darkness once again.

Each of them shared the secret with a selected few from the villages in which they lived.
This group of warriors taught their apprentices to duel and fight, because you must train body and mind before training soul, but not everybody could achieved the spiritual state required to be able to channelize their energy to a weapon. Some of the apprentices were able to channelize, whilst some failed completely. The practice was whispered across the oceans and many came to Cirdetre to try their luck at channeling their energy to a weapon. Only a few could boast about it.

Five years after their victory, a terrible earthquake shook Azahla, destroying the fortress created to confine the convicts and criminals who were formerly possessed by dark spirits. These criminals, who learned the abilities from the dark spirits once within them, soon terrorized the world; killing, slaughtering, thieving. They hid around the world, humans and monsters alike, creating chaos and causing destruction.

The group of warriors, who received the name of Elders, were too tired and out of shape to fight and capture the criminals. As a result, they sent their successful apprentices in search of the convicts, becoming hunters. The best hunters survived the terrible assassins, but others died.

With almost all of the convicts caught and/or dead, Azahla soon recognized these hunters and they became part of the higher echelons of society. The Elders could depart from this world in peace, knowing that Azahla will never be hurl into shadows again. But before doing so they created a Hunting Alliance. This alliance comprised of hunters, was in charge of qualifying hunters to protect and insure harmony throughout Azahla.

The Allience began with the Elders who were still alive and a few hunters. Many seeking fame and fortune joined the alliance after proving their ability to channelize energy, but even after being named hunters they weren’t good enough. Killing hunters had became a favoured hobby for underground assassins and criminals. Finally the Elders decided to create Hunting Examinations, a series of challenges the future to-be hunters have to perform and succeed in order to become rightful hunters.

With almost half of the Elders dead, they were able to set forth the examinations. These examinations tested them in their logical reasoning of problem solving, strength, stamina, and ability to duel, and most importantly their skills with their weapon. The Elders were very interested in the ability their weapon could possessed once it was furnished with spiritual energy.

The examination was long, extensive, ruthless, and demanding. It takes place every three years with a duration of three days, and the maximum times you could repeat the exam was three. Once they fulfill all the tests they were names "Black soul Hunters."

Fifty years later, one Elder remained, he was now over 80 years old, but still had energy to live, his hunting expertise and abilities were unbeatable. His love for teaching was so great that he decided to open an academy and invite the younger generations who wished to become hunters to attend this institution. Before the academy even existed, hunting was a craft passed from one generation to another, only the successful children of hunters knew the knowledge.

And thus the academy was created, only accepting those with high spiritual abilities. The only requisite to enroll was to demonstrate their skills. If they succeeded, the academy welcomes them.

The End

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