Aiden: The Cellar

The next morning, I was confused. I opened my eyes to a large victorian fireplace, with a dark wood wall behind it. I frowned and soon the memories came back. Rosie was fatally ill, and I had to sacrifice my leather bracelet to save save her. I met a strange man who possessed me and said he could cure Ro with my bracelet. As I remembered this, I sat up and kneeled next to Ro. She was almost white, and her pulse had dropped even lower. I got up and refreshed her water, before searching for something to eat. I found some cereal, and got myself a bowl or it. Just as I put the milk away, the door burst open with a bang, making me jump.

"Blasted poisonous Blue Diamond!" The man who possessed me spluttered. "Oh. Aiden. Go ahead, help yourself to anything you can find." I wasn't too sure if he was being sarcastic or realistic. I carried on walking and sat back on the floor.

"Did you get what you wanted?" I asked, hoping for the best.

"Yes. We must start straight after I've created it." He said and hurriedly walked to the centre of the room and pulled back the rug. For a moment I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary but then I spotted a small black ring attatched to the stone floor. I was about to ask about it but I needn't to. He tug on the ring three times and eventually, along with a large slab of stone, it heaved upwards. It revealed an old rusted ladder leading down into darkness.

"You stay here. Close the trapdoor behind me. I will knock three times when I want to be let out." He said gravely. I nodded and he started climbing down. Just as I was about to close it, he climed up one rung so that we could see each other and gave me an awkward smile. "Don't worry. This will save her." I realised it was an attempt at sympathy. I nodded again and made a move to start closing it.


Three hours and a lot of worrying later, I heard three hollow knocks on the floor. I scramble over to it and heaved it open with one pull. The man looked as though his face had extra lines on them from tiredness. He simply said: "Follow me."

I silently followed him down the rusty ladder for what felt like hours, until my foot hit the cold hard floor. The first thing I noticed was how cold it was - I wrapped my arms around myself and shivered. I looked around as much as I could, because it was still pitch black, and saw a bright metallic blue light. It came from a ball in the corner of the room - which I realised was square. All over the walls - every last space - was filled with shelves. Shelves containing books, bottles and many other odd things. Including frozen things; flies and other small creatures frozen in a block of ice. As I gazed around wistfully, the man - who's name I still hadn't found out - was busy lighting all the other blue-balls.

Once they were all shining a brilliant blue light, he slowy moved to the middle of the room, and pulled an object out of his robe. He placed it upon a stand and it suddenly lit up. It was another blue light, but this time, square. Seeing the room clearly for the first time, I noticed we were in a cellar. It was bare apart from the shelves, lights and some strange mats placed around the room.I moved closer and realised that all the lights where somehow hovering about the stand. At that moment, I disguised a laugh as a cough - it was all so surreal!

He bekoned me to sit on one of the mats by the square light, and he sat next to me. "Your bracelet." He said. I took it off and passed it to him. He turned it round in his hands for a minute or two, chanting words quietly in a different language. He took another object out of his robe which, I saw by the blue light, was a chunk of Blue Diamond. I was about to cry out when he put a finger to his lips. I was reluctantly quiet and noticed that his hand wasn't poisoned. Before I could ask he said: "This is the only place where the Diamond is not harmful."

He rubbed the bracelet on the Diamond for a while and I noticed it had small shards of blue on it. After that he got up, walked away and came back with an axe. Now I was scared. But I needn't be. He placed the Blue Diamond on a stool which I hadn't noticed before, brought the axe up and slammed it down on the stool. Not only did he shatter the Blue into a million peices, but he cut the 3-legged stool clean in half! He quickly gathered up the peices of Diamond and, to my surprise, carefully dropped them into the square light.

When that was done and all the peices were flaoting - or swimming? - around, he took the bracelet and dropped it in. Picking up the now full square, he chanted some more words then got a small old-fashioned bottle out of his robe. He had the bottle in one hand and the square in the other and, chanting the words again, he squeezed the square and somehow it liquidized when in poured into the bottle. He chanted the words louder as he went along, and soon he was shouting them. I sat mesmerized by this act and when he had finished I had no doubt that it would work.

He put the bottle in his robe and pointed to the ladder, "Back up. I'll finish up here." I hastily went to the ladder and started climbing back up it, with one last glance back, and saw the man with his head in his hands. It was then I realised that doing that must have taken a lot out of him - and that he had feeling too. I continued climbing the ladder and eventually got the the top. I jumped out and rushed to Rosie.

I knelt next to her and stroked her head, crooning softly. After a few minutes, the man came up. I stood up.

"Um, I'd just like to thank you, Mr...?"

"Mr... Mr. Brown." I couldn't help but be surprised by the ordinary name for such an unordinary man.

"Mr. Brown, thank you so much. We're one a quest to find the rare black sakura to save our friend, and I couldn't have done it alone. I appretiate it so much, thank you."

He nodded to me and moved over to Ro. Gently opening her mouth, he poured the liquid in, knowing that she would swallow it. He did that for about five minutes, me silently praying all the time. After all the potion was gone, her eyes flickered, then opened blurrily. She moaned and I pulled her into a hug. I then realised that the blue from her body had disappeared. That man could work miracles.



The End

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