Aiden: The Bracelet

I tested to see if my legs would hold me up, and they did, so I continued walking out of the cave. I started chatting to Ro, but the only answer I got was a thud as she hit the ground. "Ro!" I ran over and immediatly checked her pulse. It had dropped rapidly in the space of a few seconds. I had no recollection of earlier, so I had no idea why she'd suddenly collapsed. I studied Rosie's body quickly and noticed she'd got cuts and bruises all over her. Immediately, I took off all the clothes I didn't need and started to stop the bleeding.

Whilst I was doing that, I noticed how she was turning a strange blue-ish colour. I suddenly realised: it was poison. I cursed under my breath as I did as much as I could then picked her up and ran out the cave. I looked around, but only saw your average forest - well, apart from the fact that it was all blue; and that meant it was all poisonous. I cautiously made my way down, and looked around for any sign of human life. My ears pricked up as I heard vague laughter coming from my right. I turned sharply, and without thinking, went towards it.

After walking for a while, the scenery change from dull and blue to alive and green; thank God. I carried on walking, becoming the main attraction to the village people, as they whispered about me. I ran into a small cafe and asked the waiter if he knew anyone to help Ro. I got a one word answer: "Him." in his deep voice, as he pointed to a man. The man had elbow length jet black hair, that was extremely curly. He looked to be in his late-30's and had very defined facial features. After glancing him up and down, I looked back at the waiter, who just nodded. I walked over to him and addressed him curtly.

"Excuse me, sir?" he looked up at me, as his emerald green eyes peirced me. Somehow, they were familier. "The waiter told me that you could help my friend. Can you?" I finished and watched his face, as he pondered over it.

"Sit down." He said in a corse voice, as though he'd been shouting a lot. I did as he said, and put Ro down on a chair next to me, staring at her peaceful face as she lay unconcious.

"I can help your friend. For a price." He said, with no emotion at all. My face fell - I had no money, but he wasn't finished. "The price isn't money, so don't worry. The price is one of the things you treasure the most. It is needed to create the potion. If you let me posses you, I can tell you what you must sacrifice." He looked at me questioningly.

"Of course! I'll do anything for Rosie!" I blurt out immediately.

"Good. Then follow me to my cabin. Bring the girl." He stood up and promtly walked off. I hurriedly - but carefully - picked up Rosie and walked after him.


After a long walk of an hour and a half, we came to his log cabin. He let me in and straight away I felt as though I'd stepped into a victorian home. Everything was antique, and looked so old, I thought if I touched anything it would crumble to dust. I put Ro down on the sofa as he led me to a rug in the middle of the room and sat me down, then collected a cushion and placed it behind me.

"Get ready and close your eyes. I will now posses you." He said and sat down opposite me. At first nothing happened, but after a few seconds, a strange calm fell over me. It felt as though my body was put into cold water and I was sinking, but not drowning. The darkness of my closed eyes seemed to go even darker, as all the thoughts were drained out of me. I felt a softness beneath me, and knew I'd fallen back on to the cushion. Suddenly, I had no more secrets. I'd shared everything with this man, this stranger who I knew nothing about.

Then, almost as though it was the same routine, but backwards, I felt like I was walking on air, as my eyes flickered open. I stared at the low ceiling for a moment or two then sat up. I looked at the man intently, not wanting to interupt his train of thought. His eyes darted open and they went straight to me.

"You..." Surprisingly, he stuttered. "You have to sacrifice you bracelet. I'm sorry." I looked into his eyes as he ended the sentence, and could see sorrow and sadness in them. He really did see into my mind. My hand automatically went to the leather bracelet I'd had since I was eight. So, so many memories... Good and bad. But I had to! For Rosie's sake. I started taking it off, when the man interrupted me.

"You don't have to do that now. I have to collect other things before. There's a spare bedroom through the corridor, on your left. Stay the night." He gave me a pitying look and I answered with a grateful smile. I thanked him as he left us alone. I checked out the bedroom to find it was very nice, and put mine and Rosie's bags in there, then went back though and sat on the floor, leaning against the sofa Rosie was laying on. I stayed there for about half an hour, then heard a noise. It was a murmer, someone muttering my name. My head darted round to see Rosie's eyes open.

"Rosie! It's okay, you'll be fine. I'm here, I'll do anything for you!" I said, my voice turning into a whisper, as tears dripped down my face.

"Aiden... Please.... Save Lills.... For me... If I don't.... Make it..." Her throaty voice trailed off.

"No! You'll make it through this, I promise! We'll be okay..." I sat beside her and cradled her head in my lap, stroking her. I lifted her head and got up, then got her a drink of water. "Here: drink this." I gave her the water of which she took and small sip and smile gratefelly at me. I took it from her and put it beside her, then stared her in her eyes. I knelt on the floor and leant over her, hugging her tightly. Pulling away, I moved forward slowly and tilted my head, then kissed her deeply.

"I love you Aiden..." She whispered, our heads leaning against each others'.

"I love you too." I answered, and kissed her again. This time when I pulled away, her eyes were closed peacefully, as she drifted off. I covered her with a blanket and got my own, then layed on the floor to go to sleep as a tear ran down my face.

The End

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