Rosie: Favor

'AIDEN!' I screamed, as I saw Aiden on the ground with a cut that was surrounded by  in a bluish-black colour. He had passed out. Panicking, I cleared my mind and focused on Aiden. He helped me, so It's time I returned the favor and helped him. Looking around, the ground was covered in tall navy sharp rocks, the same colour as Aiden's bruise. Deciding I'd be best not to touch it, I quickly but carefully headed towards Aiden.

Scanning the area, I found a cave that seemed to be cleared of the rock, so I picked Aiden up, carrying him on my back. Leaving our bags, I headed straight into the cave. I knew I had to be quick, because Aiden was gradually...getting...colder.Scraping my legs a few times on the prickly rocks, I collapsed when I reached the inside of the cave. With my eyes welling up, I carefully placed Aiden onto the ground. He was almost freezing and the colour had drained from his face and body. What was more scary, was that the mark had spread over the whole of his left leg. 

Remembering what my brother did when I had gotten poisoned by a snake and my ankle turned black, I ran back to our bags and back, gaining more cuts on my legs and some on my arms, I blocked the pain out, concentrating on saving Aiden's life. I pulled the only bottle of water we had out of the bag, a big metal bowl and a small knife. Making a little cut on Aiden's leg, I bent down and started sucking the poison out of his leg. Spitting the horrible liquid into the bowl, I rinsed my mouth out and repeated the process, noticing that slowly, the abnormal colour had began to fade, and Aiden had become a little warmer. Wiping the tears from my face, I smiled in relief and started removing the poison again. It was only hours later that it was completely gone.

The bowl had been filled with a murky blue liquid, and I wrapped Aiden's cut up with my vest, swapping my bra with a black bikini top. I didn't care about my vest, but what I did care about was Aiden's safety. Watching over Aiden sleeping, I felt slightly drowsy, but kept awake, just until I could see him wake up, so I know for sure that he's going to be alright...

A few hours passed by with me drifting of and then waking myself up, when I felt throbbing pains all over my body. Without noticing it, I looked over my body, only to find that the scratches had grown into blobs of blue around my arms, legs, stomach and chest. Unwilling to give in to the toxin, I rummaged through my bag and changed into a long sleeved top and swapped my trainers for some black almost-knee-length laced boots that covered the marks. After, I sat next to Aiden, and checked his temperature. Oh my word! He was burning up with a fever. 

Pouring the poison out of the bowl, I emptied the last of the of water and poured it in. Grabbing a cloth, I dipped it into the bowl, squeezing the excess water out. Placing it onto his forehead, his lips were chapped and his breath felt dry, which meant he was dehydrated. Knowing that it'd be impossible to have him drink water by himself, I picked the bowl up, filled my mouth with as much water possible and pressed my lips against his, releasing the water and letting him drink it, and he did. Sighing in relief, I sat next to his body feeling extremely exhausted. Giving in, I passed out onto Aiden.


Waking up I felt terribly dizzy. Stabling myself, I checked over Aiden. His fever had gone and his eyes started to flutter open. Almost crying in excitement, I hugged him while he was still on the ground. 

'Aiden! Your finally awake! Thank god.' I said, crying my eyes out.

'Wh-what happened?' He said, sitting up and hugging me back. 

'You collapsed, and got poisoned by the blue rock outside, so I carried you to this cave and got rid of the toxins. You got a fever as well you know.' I replied, not letting my dizziness show. 'Are you feeling alright?'

'Yeah, I'm feeling good actually. Did you look after me?' he said, smiling at me. He looked at his leg and then looked back at me. 'Did you remove the poison and then use your vest to bind it?'

'Yeah. I was worried sick you know. Don't ever do that again!' I said, pulling my sleeves as far down as possible. 'We should get out of here before anything else happens.'

'Your right. I'll gather all the stuff up.' Aiden said, standing up and picking up things and placing them into the bags. Holding onto the wall, I pulled myself up but staggered a little. Looking into Aidens direction, he didn't notice. As soon as he zipped up his bag, he handed me mine, and headed for the cave opening. Following I felt unbalanced, and a few steps later, my legs gave in.

The End

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