Aiden: Commotion

I woke up to Rosie's voice saying something about a dream. "Mmmm. Come back." I said, absent-mindedly. The sleeping bag was so cold without her. Wait, why was she here?! Then it all came flooding back. I knew how cold it was out there, so I went out and carried her back here. Cringing, I remembered that I undressed her and wrapped my arms around her, where we fell asleep.

"What the HELL! Aiden! Why am I here?!" Rosie shouted, as I sat up and was about to reply when her face suddenly changed. I knew she was remembering last night. Just then, I noticed how... pretty and cute she actually was. Sat there in her vest, wide eyed and surprised. I wondered how I looked. I glanced down and saw myself, in only my boxers. Oh God.

"Rosie, don't freak out. I was just warming you up; you would've frozen out there..." I pleaded quickly, in a desperate attemt to calm her down. As if that'll work.

"AIDEN! YOU PERV! HOW DARE YOU DO SUCH A THING! ARGGH!" She spluttered, unable to get her words out quick enough, then stormed out. I waited, knowing she'd come in in a second or two. I was right. "Where are my clothes? Aiden?" She moved closer, and started going through my things. Still half asleep, I flopped back down on my bed and stared at her. Before I could stop her, she came across it.

My 'lucky cat'. It was white with different patterns on it's back, with a paw thet moved up and down. My father got it for me from Japan, when he went there, a week before he died. "What's this? A lucky charm?" Rosie asked, laughing a little.

"It's my... Lucky cat. My father got it for me." I paused and looked down, my eyes watering. I hated talking about it; it was painful. I glared back at Rosie, not caring if she saw me cry. "He went to Japan for a business trip. He gave it to me when he got back... A week before he died of a stroke." I finished. I looked into Rosie's eyes. They were soft, forgiving, kind. I looked down again, my face now wet. Forgetting about her clothes, Ro came and sat by me. She put her arm around me and calmed my down, but the harsh memories kept on coming. With nothing else to do, I gave in and collapsed on to Rosie, crying into her shoulder. I felt a wetness on my back and realised she was crying too. She relaxed so we both toppled over on to the duvet. We lay there, hugging silently for a while, until I broke the silence.

"We should probably get going." I pulled back and she nodded.

"Yeah, so. My clothes?" She grinned. We both burst out laughing, over nothing in particular. After laughing until we were exhausted, I lay down on the bed, my arms tucked behind my head. Rosie lay back down and snuggled up to me, putting her arm over my torso.

How do I feel about her? I definately like her... I think. This doesn't feel awkward at all; is this what's meant to happen?

I put my arms around her, and gave her a final hug, before handing her her clothes and playfully pushing her outside. I pulled on my shorts before going out to see what the weather was like. It was as hot as ever, so I stayed with no shirt on and got a sausage sandwich ready for us both.


We'd eaten, and packed our things, so we set off. I slid the key in and saw the proccession of the tree trunk revealing the tunnel.

"You first or me?" Rosie grinned. I answered by sitting down and edging myself off the edge. The tunnel was strangely flat for a while, whne I was shouting my comments to Ro. Then it suddenly dipped down, causing me to yelp out. Rosie shouts became quieter and quieter and soon it was silent. I guessed Rosie had come after me when I heard some scraping and shuffling, but I couldn't be quite sure becasue I landed before having time to call out. I had a very breif look around to see lots of blue-ish rock before everything going black as I felt a sharp pain.

The End

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