Rosie: Protection


I always liked bivouacs, but on cold nights, I totally regret picking it. Especially this night, when it's so cold and windy it'd blow over an elephant. Curled up in my sleeping bag, I'm definitely not going to get some sleep tonight, with a nasty cold in the morning I presume...

As I was starting to feel drowsy, I heard what sounded like a zip opening. Presuming it was just Aiden going for a toilet break or whatnot, I ignored it. As footsteps surrounded me, I felt warm hands unzip my sleeping bag and pick me up in a princess hold. Who was it? I thought, feeling comforted by the warmness of the persons body and the sweet smell coming from their shirt.

Still sleepy, I kept my eyes closed, wondering if it was all a dream and weather if I opened my eyes, it will all disappear. Still being carried, I started to wonder if it was Aiden... No, it can't be... Can it?... Walking, the person had seemed to duck into what seemed like a tent and placed me down on a soft warm duvet. After that the person had made some noises that sounded like he was getting changed, and then that person started to take my jacket of! Hoping it was all just a dream, I ignored it and pretended to still be asleep, secretly hoping that those strong arms would hold me again, letting me be comforted and feel safe. Feeling a little awkward, I struggled a little to try to find out who it was.

'Shhh. It's okay. Don't worry, it's me, Aiden.' he whispered. 'Don't worry. Your freezing. Let me warm you up.'

Weirdly, as soon as I recognized his voice, I felt relived... Slowly, I slivered my top of, only leaving my vest and short-shorts on. Squinting, I had a peek at Aiden, to see what he was doing, only to have a really close view of his torso. It was tanned and toned, with an amazing 6-pack, just like any girls, dream! As soon as I felt him come closer, I quickly shut my eyes, careful not to caught. I was pretty much still puzzled and after hearing Aiden, confirmed this was certainly a dream. I think.

I felt Aiden slowly slip next to me, wrapping his arms around me delicately, like I was fragile and easy to break. I don't think he wanted to wake me up. As I felt his warmth against my frozen pale skin, I instantly felt protected from the harsh cold night, safe from everyone and everything. But why? How do I really feel about Aiden? I'm so confused.

Hearing the sound of tweeting birds, I noticed that morning  came. 'Aaaah. That was a nice sleep, but what a strange dream.' I said, sitting up, then stretching out. 

'Mmmm. Come back.' said a muffled voice under a blue duvet. Before I could calculate what just happened, a strong hand pulled me down. Pulling the covers of, I stared in shock to find Aiden sleeping next to me. What shocked me more, was that I was in Aiden's sleeping bag and Aiden's tent, but what shocked me the most, was that Aiden was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts and I was sat in my underwear! 

What the hell?!  What happened in the night? Don't tell me... That dream was real?!

The End

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