Rosie: Gold Tulip Field

Since we had been walking for hours, we thought we'd find something, I mean, how big is this damn forest?

'What the hell?! Where are we?' I said, confused to see the same tree at least about 5 times by now.

'Hey, you have the map. You should know what way we're going Einstein.' he replied with a sneaky smirk.

'Oh, so do you want to try reading this useless thing? Be. My. Guest.' I replied, fired up an argument.

'I will. Hand it over then!' 

'Yeah right. You'd take us back the way we came.'

'Hypocrite! We've been going round in circles for hours!'

'Like you can do any better.'

'Wanna bet?' he said before both of us burst out laughing. Talk about love hate relationship.

'AAAH!' I screamed, after falling down a mysterious hole that wasn't there before...

'RO! You IDIOT!' I heard as the hole took me deeper and deeper. Aiden had followed me, jumping into the hole himself. By the time the tunnel finished and Aiden had landed on top of me, we were head to toe covered in dirt, landing in a dark, enclosed field. God he's heavy! 

'Get of me!' I said, pushing him of my legs.

'Thanks for being my pillow!' he smiled, rolling so that he was next to me. God my bum kills right now. Looking around, our surroundings looked extremely creepy. We were sat amongst dead flowers, and the air felt chilly. Wearing a short sleeved top and cropped shorts, a chill went down my spine. Noticing it, Aiden gave me his checkered shirt. 

'Thanks.' I said, sliding my arms into the warm top. 

'No biggie.' he replied, showing me a cute grin. 'I don't get it. I just saw a sign saying GoldShadow meadow and that's the end of the map.'

'There must be some sort of clue.' I pondered, looking around.

'Hey Ro, I'm gonna go have a closer look at that sign.' After saying that, Aiden walked over to the old wooden post. Running, I caught up with him.

Both 0f us walked up to it, studying all around it but had no luck.

'Well that idea failed.' I said, leaning on the post. Falling over, the sign had snapped and weirdly, the base was hollow.

'Nice one Rosie!' Aiden excitedly shouted, pulling the whole thing out of the ground and holding it upside down. I was still on the ground with several splinters in my hands.

After a few shakes, a dead flower encased in a note fell into his hand. It was old and had been decorated in tulips. Carefully, he opened it up and read what had been written on it.

Well done young travelers

You've nearly found the second map

The place you should go next

Is inside a bud of this wrap.

As soon as he read the last word, a strong breeze surrounded us, encasing me and Aiden in a strong Aroma. Before we knew it, both of us had fainted.

'Rosie. Roosie... Are you awake?' I heard in the distance, my vision cloudy. All I could see was a faint hazy figure. Was I dreaming? After a few blinks, I realized that it was Aiden. His eyes were full of concern and you could tell that he was worried. 'Rosie! Can you speak? Are you alright?' 

He was clearly panicking.

'Mmuuhh, yeah, thanks.' I mumbled, rubbing my head from a killer headache. As soon as I looked past Aiden, I can see why he looked so confused. The scenery had completely changed. First of, it was amazingly bright and sunny, but that wasn't the only thing. All the trees surrounding were beautiful and green, as well as the flowers that we were sitting in. The dead flowers had seemed to turn into lush gold tulips that glowed brightly and the whole area had seemed to be alive in the soft breeze. 'What happened?!'

'I've been awake for about 5 minutes, and I think I've worked out what we have to do.'

'What then? Is it to do with the note?'

'Yeah. I think we have to look inside all of the tulip buds until we find the map. The clue said that you had to look inside a bud of the wrap, and the note had been decorated by gold tulips. I'm certain that it's one of them.  '

'Inside all of them?! That'd take all day!'

'I know, but we have to if we want to save Lills.'

'True. We better start.' I finally said, starting to pick the petals and look inside to see if I can find anything.

Several hours later, I saw something silver pass my eye. Curious, I checked the flower. At that moment, a small, shiny key fell out with a tag tied onto it with a ribbon. 'Aiden! I found a key!!'

'What? Really?!' he replied, sprinting over to have a look.

'It has a tag, but all it says is ''The map is within the tree sap.''. Does that mean theres a key hole in a tree around here?'

'Must be.'

'Great. All that searching, and we have to do more.'

'C'mon, I'm sure we'd find it sooner or later.'

'Sure, sure.' I said, slowly making my way into the woodland.

The End

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