Aiden: The River

After waking up with a sore back, neither of us were in a good mood. I woke up before Rosie though, which was an up. I got dressed - in the bathroom - and went down for breakfast. To my surprise, the place was already busy! I looked at my watched and almost cried out; it was 9:30am! Crap, we'd slept in for an hour. Or I had, Rosie was still asleep. I'd never understood how or why girls slept for so long. I grabbed a bowl of ramen (Japanese noodle soup - yeah, they sell Japanese food.) and ran back upstairs. I slurp down some ramen then shook Rosie.

"Mmmmnnnnnhhh.... klag-klag-nak.... Don't wanna get uuuppp...." I almost spit out my food, I was laughing so hard. I choked and shook her again. "Rosie! Get up, it's 9:40!" When she only made more noises, I whipped the cover off her.

"Aiden! What are doing! Give me that! Taking off a girls' cover off her bed, you perv!" She shouted.

"Rosie, shut up! It's 9:40, we slept in!"

"Crap! I'll get changed, you go check our bags!" Her eyes widened and for once I agreed with her. I ran downstairs and asked Mika about our bags. She showed me to them, where I checked them both. They were both fine. I grabbed them and ran back up the stairs, two at a time. I was like a yo-yo sometimes. Assuming that Rosie was done (she'd had mor than enough time) I burst into the room. "Rose, I've-aaahh!" She screamed as I ran back outside and shut the door. God, how long does it take girls to get dressed. Jeez. Embarrassing or what? I felt myself go bright red as I leant against the closed door and slid down so I was sitting. 

She opened the door, causing me to fall backwards, doing an expert backwards roll. "You idiot perv! Give me that!" She picked up her bag and stormed downstairs. I caught a look at her face; she was bright red, like me. I then realised how funny the situation actually was. To be honest, it was hilarious! I started laughing and still was when I got to the bottom of the stairs. She muttered something under her breath as we set off, thanking Mika and the owner, whose name I've forgotten.


After walking along yet another country lane for what felt like hours, we came to a dead end. Well, sort of. It was a gate which led to a field full of cows. "Come on then." I said, when she stopped. "Sure." was the reply. I clambered to the top of the gate and held my hand out. She gave me a look saying I'm 16; not 5. I pulled my hand back in and leaped over. She followed me and carried on walking, but I stopped.

"What? Is little Aiden scared of the cows?" She mocked.

"Huh? No, I just think that we should figure out the safest way through them."

"What? Why?" She held on to the why for a while, "It's not as though they're dangerous!"

"Well, that just shows how much you know. Cows can kill and have done before. 2 months back, a 15 and a 14 year old got killed because they ran through a field of sheep. They can run up to high speed and practically kebab you with their horns. Over 100 people die every year because of them." I said, matter-of-factly. She looked shocked.

"Well, we'd better go around them. And don't disturb them." She concluded.

"Hah! I've just told you all that and you're telling me to be careful. I can't believe you sometimes, you know." I laughed then set off before she could answer, still chuckling. We safely got to the other side, but to our dismay, there was only a hedge, not a gate. The only way out was the way we came or to follow a river. We chose the second option.

Everything was going fine, wandering along the river bank, but then the bank got extremely thin - I could fit one foot across, but there was no way either of us could get across. We pondered for a while, unsure of what to do, when I remembered something. "Yes! I have a rope in my bag, I'll climb that tree, attach it and we can swing across!"

Before getting an answer, I took off my shoes and socks and got the rope out of my bag. We were practically surrounded by a forest, but the only way to get to the tree was to go into the middle of the river, then jump. The tree was bending over the river so we couldn't just climb it to get across. After successfully getting onto the the tree, I climb to a strong branch and tied it on with a loop that you could tighten.

"Rosie! I'll swing it to you, you get across to the other side, then swign it back." She nodded and I swung the rope to her. She caught it and easily swung across. Catching my eye, she grinned and threw it back. I undid the rope and threw it over my shoulder, then hung from the branch by my arms and let go. I created a rather large splash and waded to the side. Luckily, Rosie was nice enough to remember my socks and shoes. I put them back on and continued walking.

The End

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