Rosie: Stuck With That Jerk

Setting of with an awkward silence, me and Aiden approached the first town, Starrybank Downs. It was getting dark, so we had to find an inn to stay in and set of early in the morning.

'Uum, did you bring money for the inn?' Asked Aiden, breaking the silence.

'Nope. But you do... Don't you? Didn't Lillia leave you with all the money?' I said, hoping he did. We both stopped and glared at each other.

'WHAT? That was YOUR job!' shouted Aiden, flicking his hair out of his eyes, like what some boys do that when they think they're all cool and popular.

'Great! Absolutely brilliant. We have no money for food or a place to stay. Your such a genius!' I replied, frustrated.

'Don't pin it all on me!' 

'I will. It's all your fault!'

'Why? You should know! Your little miss know it all aren't you?!'

'Uuugh!! Well fighting isn't going to help either of us. Come on. Maybe we'd be able to work in an inn and stay for free.' I said, sick of fighting.

'Alright. We have a few hours left before dark. Lets start searching.' he finally said, both of us making our way into the centre of town.

After searching most of the lodges, inns and cafes, we managed to find one that let us stay if we worked, and also provided free food. The only problem... Is that it's a Geisha house. After running out of options, we decided to give it a try. The owner (Yuki Suzuka) wanted me to Dress as a Geisha, and wanted Aiden to work in the kitchen. She'd also offered to give us some money as well. 

Honestly, I had no idea what it took to be a Geisha. Taking me into the girls dressing chambers, I saw a gigantic wardrobe, full of Kimonos. Yuki had been searching through them, finally pulling out one of the prettiest Kimonos I had ever seen.

I also didn't know how complicated wearing one was. Luckily I Had Yuki and another Geisha called Mika to help me, otherwise I wouldn't know where to start. The kimono fitted perfectly like it was made for me. After that it was make up. Since I was already pale, I didn't need a lot of white paint, but the crimson red lipstick and eye makeup was a must. After what felt like hours, I was all ready. When I had a look in the mirror, I saw a familiar stranger.

The main kimono colour was black with a thin mint green lining inside and some around the edges. The waist band was a soft yellow colour with white and a green ribbon tied round it. Yellow flowers decorated the sleeves and dress, which made it look beautiful. But what was more, was the person wearing it. She had a perfect face, covered in makeup that complemented her big blue eyes. With her shiny silky hair in cute curls, she looked like a proper Geisha. Then I realized it was me. Snapping out of the daze, Yuki explained what I had to do. 

Walking out of the room, I heard gasps and felt eyes all around me. Did I look strange? Was I doing something wrong? Tormented, I ignored them and carried on walking. Following Mrs Suzuka's instructions, I kept my composure and walked into the main staff back room where Aiden was. Walking through the door, Aiden stood up, looking at me with shock.

'Woah. Rosie, is that you?' he said, scanning his eyes up and down at me.

'Yeah. Do I look weir-'

'No.' he interrupted. 'I mean, you look really cute.' he mumbled, looking down, blushing with shyness.

Was she always that beautiful? he thought to himself.

Did he actually say I looked cute or did I hear him wrong? Maybe he isn't such a bad guy after all.

'What did you just say?' I asked, edging towards him.

'I said, you look really... Really girly. Compared to your normal self.'

'Well done captain obvious!' What was I hoping for? He's going out with Lill's anyway. Keeping a poker face, Yuki called me to start working as a waitress. My work was actually really easy, and after a few hours, the Geisha house closed. 

'Well done girls!' the head Geisha Mika said. 'Tonight was our busiest, thanks to the help of our friends, Rosie and Aiden. With gratitude, she and the rest of the girls said 'Arigatō!' which means Thank you in Japanese. After taking the dress and makeup of, and taking my hair down, we both got something to eat. Later on I manged to relax in a nice hot bath, thinking about what me and Aiden was going to do tomorrow. Scrubbing my skin and washing my hair, I've now gone back to my normal looking self.

Retiring to our rooms, Mika showed me and Aiden where we were staying for the night.

'Here is your room. Good night!' Mika said, before going down the corridor. After walking in, we both stopped in horror as there was only one double bed. Before we even knew it, both of us were running around like headless chickens trying to find Yuki.

'I'm sorry, theres only one room available, and I thought you two were a couple. Especially when you young man was looking at Rosie and how amazing she looked tonight. I'm afraid you'd have to make do. Gomen.' she smiled of.

There's no way I'm sharing a bed with that Jerk.

After about 3 hours of arguing, both of us wouldn't sleep on the bed. Aren't we clever. Instead, we both slept on the floor, only to find in the morning that we both had a serious case of back ache and regretted the whole thing.

The End

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