Black Butterflies on My Window Tonight

There are black butterflies on my window tonight,resembling every hateful thing you've said to me. Every push,every kick,every punch,every shiver you've sent down my spine. It takes a lot for those black butterflies to fly away from my window,it takes a lot to move them. I know they're always there when I get home from school,I know they're always  there before I go to sleep.

I counted them yesterday,167 of them, fluttering their dainty little wings but still not shifting. Growing sadder and sadder each moment that passes. But you are the cause for these butterflies, you put them there. You leave those black butterflies on my window,leaving them untouched. Sometimes they are all gone because you haven't noticed me for the day,but the marks are still there,they won't fade.

But what do you get out of choosing me as your victim? Is it because you think I'm vulnerable? Because I'm smaller or I'm not like you?

I don't like the names, the violence and the teasing. Stealing my hope, destroying my happiness at every chance you get. It takes a lot of courage for me to stand up for myself, I'm not like a superhero, I don't have enough strength to cope with you anymore.

But I'm going to fight for what I belive in,be noticed for who I am,I'm not a victim,that was my past,those little Blck Butterflies have long ago flown away onto someone else's window,but that isn't what I want.

I want those black butterflies to never come back,to never settle onto anyone's window.

So stop your hatred, because we aren't interested.


The End

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