Anna: The Dress NinjaMature

Hey Anna, hope you and the family are okay. 
We all love and miss you here. We've decorated for
Christmas, and there's a pile of presents waiting to
be sent to you. Right now we're prepping for the
Christmas Eve show I told you about. Jak says he
needs your helping picking out a 'sexy Mrs Claus
outfit out. Assuming he means for me, but I told him
he'd look wonderful in it.
love, Cara and the gang xxx

I smiled as I read the text that Cara has sent, we has spoken loads since I had returned – I think she wants to make sure that I know she is there with everything going on. It meant a lot to me. A lot of people don’t find their best friend until they are an adult yet I have had mine all my life, always looking out for me, looking after me, laughing at me and loving me without any conditions.

I was spending a lot of my time helping dad to look after mum, the chemotherapy was wiping all of mum’s energy yet she always remained positive, she always had a smile on her face even when we knew she was struggling. She was a truly inspirational woman.


Christmas was fast approaching and I had yet to go Christmas shopping. Normally I would have dedicated a day or two trailing around the shops, spending an inordinate amount of money and drinking copious amounts of Costa’s festive chocolate orange hot chocolate with Cara but this year was different. Mum needed me so I took to the computer as a means of doing my Christmas shopping – easier to do but just as expensive!

The one person I knew that I would struggle to buy for was Cara, I know that I have known her for most of my life but damn was she a tough person to satisfy. Her taste was quite unique, for clothes she liked elegant, girly things which also made her look incredibly sexy when she wore them and for everything else, she liked the item to be something she could treasure, rather than something that was gone in a week. With that in mind I decided to tackle Cara’s gifts first and set about scrolling the internet but after half an hour of rummaging through the depths of the internet, getting distracted and finding myself on facebook and youtube watching strange pointless videos about a woman with the world’s longest fingernails I decided to enlist Ali’s help.

I grabbed my phone and tapped a quick message to Ali,

“Hey, I need your help with something but I need you to be super ninja about it!”  

“Okay, haha, what is it?”  

“Are you at home? And is Cara at home?”  

“I’m upstairs and Cara is downstairs with Liam and Jak, why??”

“I’m going to facetime you”

I closed down my messages and pressed facetime and within a few seconds Ali had picked up and I was greeted with a blue faced Ali.

“What on earth is on your face?” I asked, trying to contain my laughter for I hadn’t been expecting Ali’s face to be blue when she picked up.

“It’s a facemask, one of my favourites actually although I have just finished it. It helps clear my skin and stop me getting spots and makes it feel so soft afterwards!”

“Sounds nice and refreshing Ali, what’s it called? I may have to try some,”

“It’s called Blue Mint! Yeah definitely try some, it’s so good and isn’t tested on animals!”

I made a note of the name of the facemask, at least I now had something I could buy for Ali for Christmas. Ali had always been into cosmetics, creams and facemasks and even more so if they are cruelty free products. It had always surprised me that she wasn’t a vegetarian, with everything she does to avoid cruelty to animals, perhaps she feels like she is doing her bit already?

“Anyway, aside from my facemask, what did you want?”  Ali asked, raising her facemask covered eyebrow at me,

“Oh right yeah, I need you to be a dead sneaky ninja and show me the dresses that Cara has in her wardrobe so I have an idea what type of dress to get her for Christmas,”

“Oh right, and what if Cara catches me snooping in her room?” Ali said,

“Make up an excuse, pretend you left something in her room or something Ali please it’s important!!” I begged.

Ali sighed and pulled herself up grabbing a book from her bedside cabinet as she did so, “Only because it’s Christmas though Anna!”

“You are a star Ali,”  

“No,” Ali corrected, “I am a dress ninja!”

“Right I’m going to put you in my pocket until I am in front of her wardrobe” she said before shoving the phone into her pocket and I was plunged into darkness. I could hear Ali’s muffled footsteps as she walked and the creak of a door as she entered Cara’s room. Ali pulled her phone from her pocket and I could see Cara’s wardrobe in front of me.

“I’ve got to be quick Anna!” Ali whispered before opening Cara’s wardrobe to reveal all of Cara’s beautiful dresses, hanging elegantly, ready to be picked out for an evening.

“What type of dress are you thinking of getting her,”

“One she can wear for shows and nice dates out with Sam,”

“So basically like the dresses she already has!”

“Well yeah kind of but new…. Show me a few?”

Ali started picking out dresses and showing them to the camera and I spotted two things in common with all the dresses, they all had plunging necklines and they all would make Cara look extremely sexy!

As Ali was showing me a nice red dress that Cara owned, she quickly shoved the phone back into her pocket, I could hear the wardrobe door being shut quickly and hurried movement.

“Ali, what you doing?” Cara’s muffled voice drifted from inside Ali’s pocket,

“Sorry, I left my book in your room and was just coming to get it back so I could have a read whilst I wash this facemask off in the bath,” Ali said

“Oh you mean the book about the woman and the dog, the one you were showing me the other day? I must read that when you are done,”

“Anyway, got it now, and this pregnant lady is going for a soak!”

I took that sentence as my cue to hang up the phone,

“Thanks for doing that,” I texted Ali before heading back to my computer and searching for dresses. After what seemed like an age I managed to find something that was perfect for Cara, a stunning black dress which emphasised Cara’s beautiful hour glass figure and a plunging neckline to emphasise her other amazing features. Any shows she took on wearing this dress would ensure that she was the centre of attention!

The End

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