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"Cara, we really need to get in some extra practices before Christmas Eve."

"I know, I know. I just need to finish texting Anna."

Liam relented and went back to rearranging Christmas songs for our set. 

"Tell her I need her help picking out a sexy Mrs Claus outfit for the show." Jak grinned. 

"I'm sure it'll suit you marvellously." I rolled my eyes, finishing the text with Jak's message. 

Hey Anna, hope you and the family are okay. 
We all love and miss you here. We've decorated for
Christmas, and there's a pile of presents waiting to
be sent to you. Right now we're prepping for the
Christmas Eve show I told you about. Jak says he
needs your helping picking out a 'sexy Mrs Claus
outfit out. Assuming he means for me, but I told him
he'd look wonderful in it.
love, Cara and the gang xxx

"You think you're funny," Jak grinned. "BUT YOU'RE NOT."

"Oh but I am," I chuckled, putting down my phone and picking up a song sheet for 'White Christmas'. "Can we practice White Christmas? It's one of my favourites."

"Sure," Liam grinned. "Shall we make it a duet?"

"Ugh do we have to?" I pretended to grimace, but broke in to giggles at his expression. "Yes we can. But I want to do the girls part."

"Damn I wanted that bit," he smirked. 


Meeting Sam for a hot chocolate was becoming my favourite weekly activity. I'd steal her from work, and we'd got to the cafe near by, and order food and a large hot chocolate each. They did Christmas specials. Personally, I had to love the one flavoured with cherries and a sprinkling of cinnamon. Sam favoured the brownie one, but I think that was just because she got brownie chunks with it. 

I distracted her and snagged one. 

"Hey!" She chuckled. "Little thief." 

"Mmm," I smiled, kissing her cheek. "But you love me." She caught my chin and pulled me in for a proper, searing kiss. 

"I do." I could feel myself blush and she grinned at me, then plopped some cream on the end of my nose. 

"Oh... You did not just do that."

"Yes, yes I did." She grinned. I leaned forward and rubbed my nose all over hers. She just laughed and wiped hers, then mine, with a napkin. "We're getting a look from the lady in charge." I glanced over at the lady who had served us, and was now looking at us as if we were about to start a food fight. 

"She thinks you're a young hooligan." I murmured to Sam, grinning. 

"When in reality I am very old with a youthful face and attitude," she chuckled, rolling her eyes. 

"It's the attitude that's the dangerous bit," I giggled. "That's the bit that throws food."

"And here I thought my face was the dangerous part," she smirked. 

"Only when it's covered in cream." She winked. "OH not like that. Such a dirty mind."

"That might be entirely your fault." She replied, taking a mouthful of hot chocolate. 

"How so?" I enquired, taking a sip of mine. 

"I'm entirely sure that these thoughts only occur when you tease me." The double meaning behind the words made me wince. "Not meant as a criticism darling." She said hurriedly, kissing my temple. 

"I know. I know." I rested my head on her shoulder. "I just feel bad. I'm the one holding back..."

"Let's not think about it now. I've told you I'll wait. I don't just love you for what you can do in bed... or anywhere else for that matter." She finished with the teasing joke and I gave her a light shove. "How go the rehearsals?"

"Well, I think we'll put on an excellent Christmas show. Although Jak is trying to get me to wear a sexy Mrs Claus outfit."

"Is that his Christmas present to me?" She grinned. I rolled my eyes. 

"Probably. And I'm not doing it."

"Shame," she winked, with a chuckle that sent shivers down my spine. 


"You already know I have a bit of a thing for you acting like a housewife." She slipped her arm around my waist and kissed me.

"So that would make you Santa would it?" I chuckled. 

"If I could come back to you every night, then yes." She murmured against my lips. I felt myself stop breathing, and then she was kissing me again as though I were her only source of oxygen. 

"Ahem." We broke apart. The lady who had served us had brought over our paninis and was watching us with a raised eyebrow. "Enjoy your food." We both thanked her, giggling, and tucked in. 

"How goes work?" She asked, when we'd finished and were bundling up to head back out in to the cold. There were rumours that we might indeed have a white Christmas. 

"You know, same as usual." I replied, stepping outside and immediately gripping Sam, keeping her close for warmth. "Boring, but brings in some good money. And I've been getting good tips."

"That's because you're radiant. Even," she said as she looked over at me, "when you're all wrapped up so that I can't see half of your face."

"You have to say that; you're my girlfriend." She paused, and I wouldn't have noticed had I not been attached to her, because she continued almost straight away. 

"Are we saying it's official then? We're definitely back together?"

"Uh...I mean..."

"It's okay if you're still not sure," she said, even though she sounded hurt. "I just... I want you to know that's what I want."

"Okay... I just-"

"-don't want to hurt me, I know." She sighed. 

The End

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