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“Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking. We are now approaching Barcelona airport and the in-flight entertainment will shortly be turned off. I hope you have had a pleasant flight with America Airways and will travel with us again. If you could please make sure that your seats are in the upright position and the window blinds are up. Please fasten your seatbelt when the sign is lit up and make sure any personal devices you have are turned off or switched to airplane mode thank you.”

The tannoy clicked off and there was a rustle of movement around me as people began to sort themselves out ready for landing. I only had a two hour stopover in Barcelona before I boarded my next flight back to England which meant I had enough time to grab myself a cup of tea and maybe have a little sleep – I never could sleep on planes and the turbulence kept me awake as well as slightly nauseous at all times.

The plane tilted slightly to the left and began a slow and steady decent to the ground, sinking into white nothingness as we made our way below the fluffy white clouds. Down below, the ground looked like square plots on a huge map of some kind, everything gradually coming into view. As I neared the ground, small cars heading down long highways of black ribbon became visible, as well has various coloured homes of different sizes and shapes. Everything looking like little Lego toys that you play with as a child. I felt my ears pop and pinched my nose and blew in an attempt to release the pressure, I couldn’t stand my ears popping.  Trees and rooftops whizzed by as the aircraft made its final turn onto the waiting runway and ended with a mild rumbling as the tires kissed the tarmac with a bump.

When the plane had come to a stop, I reached up into the overhead compartment and grabbed my bag and followed the crowd out of the plane, holding back a yawn as I headed through the flight transfers security and found a seating area to have a snooze in whilst I waited for my second flight.


“Last call for 10:45am flight to Manchester,”

I jolted awake, pulling myself from a very strange dream which I couldn’t quite recall. I strained myself to try and recall parts of the dream but the details were trickling awake like water in cupped hands and all I could remember was a vision of a crowd of people wearing black grouped around a graveside. I guessed this was my mind overthinking things, fretting about the fate of my mum and how soon it could happen. A tear splashed on my cheek as I thought about it and I hastily brushed it away before grabbing my things and heading towards the gate before it shut.

“Passport and boarding pass miss?” The air hostess asked politely holding her hand out,

“Thank you, your seat is to the left and its row E seat 8”



As expected, the clouds were heavy and dark hovering over Britain as we landed in Manchester but I was too tired to care. I had managed to dose on the plane but kept having the same dream and each time the details were smoky and unclear, portraying my emotions exactly. I didn’t know how to feel anymore, I felt lost and alone but I couldn’t let that show because my mum needed me to be strong for her and dad.

I couldn’t break.

I caught a train back to my home town to save dad the hassle of coming to pick me up from the airport even though I insisted that he wanted to pick me up, and as I walked through the front door of my home I breathed in the familiar smell of home. A comforting smell that never changed no matter how long you’re away.

“Hello, it’s me!”

“In here love,” my dad called and I instantly dropped my bags in the hallway and headed into the living room. My dad never changes in appearance and when he saw me he smiled at me through round reading glasses which he only wore when he was reading the paper. My mum on the other hand had lost a substantial amount of weight since the last time I saw her and I only just managed to supress a sob when I saw her. All the roundness in her face had gone and she was thinner than I had ever seen her, despite her being a naturally thin and petite woman.

“Hi mum,” I said, my eyes flooding with tears which I was determined to hide, “I’ve missed you!”

I sat down next to her and gave her a massive hug never wanting to let go of her and not wanting her to see that I was upset. I breathed deep and composed myself before pulling out the hug.

“Would anyone like a cup of tea?”


Glad you’re home safe Anna! We are on our way to see you! I have really missed you”

I smiled as I read Cara’s text. I had really missed Cara, I had never been apart from her for so long and the thought of seeing Cara and all the others made me super excited that when the door bell rung an hour later, I bolted to the door.

I pulled it open to see Cara and all of my friends on the doorstep smiling cheerily at me and I was suddenly overwhelmed.

I slid to the floor and sobbed, a mixture of sadness and happiness overcoming me.

The End

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