Anna: Coming HomeMature

I waited nervously by the entrance to security for Megan to show up but she remained absent. My heart pounded in my chest every time I saw someone who looked remotely like her, someone with her curly hair, or similar clothes to what she would wear but none of them were her. I checked my phone so much that it must have looked like I had a nervous twitch but still it remained silent. I tried to ring her but every time I called it went straight to answer machine. I had well and truly blown it, I knew it and with a sigh I began to turn towards security, I had no reason to wait any longer.

I passed the man by security my ticket to check and he passed it back to me with a nod but as I began to push my way through the gate I heard someone shout.

“Anna, wait!” 

I whirled around and saw Dani weaving through the crowd towards me with Megan in tow. I rushed towards them, unable to believe what I was seeing.

“You came,” I said to Megan, unable to contain my happiness at seeing her,

“Dani made me realise that I should at least say goodbye to you. She made me realise that what we had was special and worth caring about and because of that I thought I’d come see you off.”

“Does that me we…” I began but Megan held up her hand to stop me,

“Anna, no matter what you say, there is no going back. What’s done is done and there will never be an ‘us’ after what’s happened. That being said however, I hope we can still be friends.”

A lump had formed in my throat whist she had been speaking and when she finished tears flooded my vision. “I love you Megan,”

She pulled me into a hug, “I know you do and I will always care for you Anna but I can’t put my heart on the line. My point still stands, if you can kiss one person whilst we are living under the same roof, what chance do we have when we are living a thousand miles apart?”

I looked up into her eyes which were sparkling with unshed tears, “It was a stupid kiss, one kiss which was a mistake and I regretted the moment it had happened,”

“Even so Anna, I just can’t. I hope you can understand that.”

I nodded sadly and pulled her into another hug,


“Always,” Megan agreed as we pulled out of the hug and I stepped back.

I turned to Dani who also had unshed tears in her eyes,

“Do you have to go?” she asked sadly,

“You know I do!”

“Yeah I do, I’m just being selfish, come here!” she said waving her arms to indicate she wanted a hug. I obliged and wrapped my arms around her and gave her a squeeze.

“Promise you will come visit me?” I asked

“Of course I will!” she said, “I wouldn’t miss it!”

“Come visit?” I asked Megan as I stepped backwards out of my hug with Dani and grabbed my suitcase.

“Of course I will. We may not be together anymore but I still care for you! I was so angry yesterday, blinded by anger and I was determined to hate you but Dani made me realise that I could never hate you!”

“Thank you,” I said, trying to hold back tears again. “I have to go now, otherwise I won’t go!” I said turning my back on them and heading through the gate to security. I stepped onto the escalator on the other side and glanced over my shoulder, watching Megan and Dani as they disappeared from sight. It was sad to think that I didn’t know when I would next see them in the flesh but I knew I was doing the right thing.

After I had passed through security and grabbed myself a cup of tea I sat down in departures and watched the other planes taking off and landing, satisfying myself by trying to guess where they might be heading. A nice hot country sounded so lush right now but instead it was back to rainy Britain for me.

I grabbed my mobile from my pocket and texted Cara,

‘I’m coming home’

The End

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