Cara: Wedding ShoppingMature

"Well I love this one." I chuckled from inside the changing area. In truth, I was waiting for the expression on Sam's face when she saw the plunging neckline. 

"Well come out and show us already!" Ali called. She'd sent the three of us in with a different style each. I felt like I was on a bridesmaid edition of Say Yes to the Dress. I finished adjusting the dress and threw open the curtain for a dramatic entrance. 

"Oh my god." Ali gasped. The two other curtains opened and the other girls stepped out, and we eyed each other's dresses. Sam was looking at the plunging neckline like someone had turned off the oxygen, and I couldn't resist a little smirk as I threw a 'breathe' in her direction. She glared at me, but couldn't stop herself from glancing down again before turning to Ali. 

"Well Bride to be?"

"I LOVE the one Cara has...  but... I don't know I feel like..."

"Everyone will be distracted?" Sam finished as she glanced over at me again. I chuckled and shrugged. 

"Yeah... my day and all." Ali laughed. 

"No problem Ali. I really like the one Lily is wearing anyway." I added. Lana nodded her head. 

"It's gorgeous." She added. It was a Cadbury purple sweetheart neckline dress, with a knee high skirt that flared out from the waist. 

"I think that's my favourite too!" Ali grinned. Sam nodded. "Wow, that was quick!"

"But now we can spend ages finding your perfect dress," Lana grinned. I saw Sam hold back a groan, and chuckled. Would it be horrible to make it worse for her? Nah. 

"I might need someone to help me out of this dress." I muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear as I turned around to go and change. Sam spluttered and Ali roared with laughter. I threw a cheeky grin over my shoulder and pulled the curtain closed. 

I was half way out of the dress when someone made the curtain move. I yelped and heard Sam and Ali howling. I stuck my head out and got a face full of Sam's shoulder. She laughed even harder at my glare. 

"Still need help?"

"Oh no, I've got this. Don't you worry, I'm fine." I stuck my tongue out and finished getting ready. When I slipped out, Sam had her foot up, but was still chuckling. "Any sympathy I had for you, GONE." I pretended to be miffed, sitting next to her as the others appeared. 

"That's a shame. I'd just decided to milk my sprain for all it was worth."

"Well you'll have to find someone else to make you tea and bacon sandwiches."

She threw me a mock affronted look and a gasp, and put her hand dramatically on her chest. 

"You would deprive me of your bacon cobs?"


"You're a hard woman, Cara Gramms," she sniffed and then let out a chuckle. 

"Oh you think insulting me lets you off of the hook huh?" I grinned, poking her gently in the side. She clutched at the place as though I'd run a sword through her and I relented. "Okay okay, you win. I could never deprive you of bacon cobs."

"Your bacon cobs."

"My bacon cobs, okay? Are you going to behave like a fully functioning adult now?"

"That depends. Are you going to wear a dress like that an surprise me again?"

"Maybe one day."


"And what happened to no flirting?"

"I think maybe that went out of the window when you said you needed help getting out of the dress," she murmured in to my ear and I felt the shiver that ran through my body affect her too. I licked my lips, cleared my throat, and looked over to where Ali was looking at dresses. 

"Hurry up you!" I called to her, in the interests of being distracted. She stuck out her tongue, and pointed to a dress for the assistant to carry in for her. 

"They're all going to be tight!"

"Well you chose to have unprotected sex, so that's on you," I said, and then clapped my hand over my mouth and laughed. I hadn't quite meant to say that, but everyone else was laughing, so it seemed to have gone down okay. 

It took us an hour and a half before Ali found her perfect dress. It was gorgeous; a strapless,sweetheart neckline, mermaid gown with lace detail and a fairly long train. She swirled in it and laughed, tears in her eyes. 

"You look gorgeous." Everyone was enraptured; even Sam liked the dress. 

"I think this is the one." Ali grinned, at the shop owner. While she went off to change and talk about buying all the dresses, fittings etc, I felt my phone buzz. It was Anna, asking about the dresses. I sent her the picture we'd taken of Lily in the dress, to give her an idea. 


"Yeah. She's coming home in just over a week."

"Where's she staying?"

"At her mums. She won't be back at uni until after Christmas." 

"Well, at least she'll be close. And Megan?"

"Still no word. I hope they're trying a long distance relationship. They deserve to actually try." 

"I'm sure they will." Sam smiled and took my hand, gently. "Don't worry so much."

"Why, because I'll get frown lines?" I mocked, parroting my mother. 

"No... because I hate to see you worry." She squeezed my hand. I ducked my head and nodded, trying to hide the blush that was spreading across my cheeks. When she released my hand, I felt the skin tingle. 



"I..." I cleared my throat and shook my head. "I think you'll look great in your suit."

"You haven't even seen it yet." She laughed. "I haven't even seen it yet!"

"No but... you will."

"Well, I'm going to take the opportunity to ask that you keep a dance for me."

"You can have them all."

The End

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