Cara: IcyMature

"Mmm, so good."

"I've missed this."


"That good huh?"

"Yes." I moaned. 

Sam laughed and shook her head at the way I was basically wrapped around the mug of tea she'd made. 

"I'm not that good."

"I beg to differ," I replied as I took another gulp of gorgeous tea. "You are a goddess."

"Well, how am I going to argue with that?" She chuckled. 

"You can't. You have to admit I'm right." 

"Alright then. Just this once."  She was smirking and I bit my lip, trying not to laugh at her. Mikey had enjoyed the rest of his day with us, and now, three days later, I was having tea with Sam before we all headed out for some wedding shopping. Sam had declined the honour of 'bridesmaid' in a dress and was instead to be on Jak's side in a suit. Ali had a hotel booked for the summer, apparently to give herself some time to lose the baby weight, and so now we were all having to go shopping for bridesmaid dresses and a wedding dress. Once we'd discovered Anna was returning soon, she'd tried to get the appointment changed, but they were booked for the next few months, so we'd had to take it. Anna had been fine with it, if a little distracted, and said that we had style and she trusted our judgement. She hadn't mentioned Megan much, but we knew that they weren't coming back together. It had made us all a little sad that the pair were being separated by this. 

"So what's the colour scheme?" Sam asked, breaking me from my thoughts. 

"She wants us in purple. You realise that you're helping her be judge and jury right?" 

"I am aware. I've already been informed that you can't look as hot as her."

"Of course."

"I might struggle to be objective with that," she added, throwing a sideways look at me. I grinned and felt myself blushing. 

"I thought we weren't supposed to tease each other?"

"Flirt. We're not supposed to flirt. And it was hardly flirting. Just an observation."

"Mmm, I can see the difference." I hummed, putting down the mug of tea and stepping closer to her. She froze a little, watching me carefully as I leaned in to whisper in her ear. "You're so full of shit." I chuckled, and pulled away. She exhaled and glared at me, trying not to laugh. 

"No flirting."

"Just an observation." I retorted, retrieving my tea and smirking at her. 

The doorbell rang, signalling the arrival of Ali and her friend Lana. Lily was behind them, shyly. Her and Ali had been chatting a lot during band rehearsals and had gotten pretty close. Plus, things between Lily and Callum were serious now; she basically spent most nights at his, (Anna's) flat.  

"COME ON GUYS I WANT TO LOOK PRETTY." Ali yelled, practically jumping on me as she came through the door, an amazing feet for her pregnant self. 

"You realise I will be no help whatsoever?"

"We know." I grinned at Sam. "You'll be too busy trying to avoid the dresses."

"I've come to terms with her wearing a suit." Ali chuckled as we walked out of the door  in to the cold. Things were frosty and freezing now we'd hit the first days of December, and I shivered while I pulled on my gloves. 

"You be careful Momma." I warned. "It's slippery today."

"I'll be fine." She grinned, gripping Lana and Lily's arms anyway, and leaving Sam and I to trail behind her. There was a slight awkward moment when our hands brushed as we walked, and we tried to avoid looking at each other. 

We were walking up the hill, a few shops down from the bridal shop, when it happened. Sam was laughing at something Lana had just said and didn't notice the ice in front of her. 

"Sam!" I yelled as she suddenly disappeared, and I felt her hand suddenly pull on my arm. She'd grabbed the nearest thing on instinct, and I stumbled. We must have looked hilarious, flailing, trying to regain balance. When we did, and I checked her over, she was wincing. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think I just jarred my ankle or something. It's fine." She tested it, and although she winced, it looked like she could stand. 

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm good." She grinned. "Phew, that could've been bad."

"Yeah..." I offered her my arm to walk with and she shook her head. 

"Honestly, I'm good." She took a step and winced again. 

"Okay, you're not. It's probably a sprain."

"I'll be fine."

"Lean on me you big dummy."

She looked at me, bewildered, then laughed, and accepted my arm. 

"You alright Sam?" Lana asked. I liked her, but I suspected she had a little thing for Sam. Since she'd met her she'd throw looks at her, and seemed to pay a lot of attention to her. It grated on me, despite how much I liked her otherwise. 

"Yeah I'm good. Got my own personal crutch here." She winked at me and I contemplated elbowing her 'accidentally'.

"Shut up. I'd suggest we put some ice on it but..." She laughed and squeezed my shoulder. We went inside the shop and I popped her down on a sofa as Ali talked to the shop owner. "Let me look."

"It's good, I promise Cara."

"You're so stubborn." I rolled my eyes and knelt down to check her ankle. It was obviously sore; she was still wincing. But it did just look like a mild sprain. I sighed in relief. "Okay, it's fine."

"Told you." She said, and her voice was a little hoarse. I glanced up at her, and gently put her foot down before standing up. 

"Right, you, in the changing rooms!" Ali ordered, appearing out of nowhere. 

"I thought we were looking..."

"I've seen some already. They all come in purple."

"Okay okay..." I allowed myself to be ushered away, along with the two L's.

The End

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