Anna: MemorableMature

The realisation of what had happened didn’t sink, both Megan and I felt numb and although we tried to carry on as normal awkwardness still hung in the air, kisses were shorter and it almost felt like we were crossing boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed. As well as this, it didn’t help that over the next few days I had been actively organising my travel back to England, starting by speaking to the university and organising a ‘transfer’ back to my university, even though I wouldn’t officially be returning to university until after the Christmas holidays and even then it looking after my mum would take priority.  

The project I had been working on with Danielle had been simplified to enable Dani to work on it on her own and I had officially been signed off the books at the university. It was sad that I wasn’t able to finish off my year in America and was having to leave my dedicated and beautiful girlfriend behind but in my heart I knew I had to come back home. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if something happened to mum and I hadn’t been there.

The last thing I needed to organise was my flight back home. I wanted to get home as soon as possible and as quickly as possible without it costing a fortune and as luck would have it I found a direct flight costing £182 so I booked it before I could change my mind.

The hardest part would be to tell Megan that I would be flying out of her life in just over a week and a half…. It had never occurred to me that I would one day I would have to walk away from the one person who made me truly happy, I mean what sane person would do that right? And as it dawned on me how close my departure date was I decided that I wasn’t going to let this last week together pass us by but instead I was going to make it count, make it memorable because that’s what Megan is to me. Memorable. Memorable for being the most amazing person you could ask for, memorable for being the kindest, most considerate girl in the whole world and most importantly memorable for being mine!

I loved and will always love Megan Warwick no matter where in the world I am.  

Megan returned from work that afternoon and I took my opportunity then, I pulled her into the most passionate kiss I could muster and inhaled her sweet scent. I gently unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her perfectly round breasts being supported by a black lacy bra, (my favourite bra in fact). My hands fumbled with the clasp on the back of the bra and as it uncliped I pulled it away showing her beautiful breasts. As I continued to undress her it becomes apparent to me just how beautiful Megan is and just how much I know I will miss her. I stepped back for a second to give myself a chance to admire the breath taking beauty of the woman standing naked in front of me, I don’t think I had truly realised how gorgeous she was until now.

“Let’s make these last days together memorable!” I murmured

The End

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