Anna: I'm not answering!Mature

“Well answer it then….” Megan prompted me as the phone rang and rang.

I couldn’t do it, in that instant I had frozen up and a fire had bubbled from the pit of my stomach reminding me of the hurt and the rejection she had caused. I couldn’t just pick up the phone and act as though everything was okay because it wasn’t.

“Anna, it’s going to stop ringing if you don’t answer….”

“Let it ring. I’m not picking up!” I said flatly, folding my arms and refusing to answer the call.

“Anna,” Megan said softly, it’s your mum, you can’t stay mad at her forever, and maybe she want to make up?” Megan suggested and I snorted in disgust,

“Yeah well she hasn’t bothered to speak to me since we told her, she has made her feelings clear to me. She doesn’t like the fact that I am gay, she thinks it’s something disgusting and I am not having her tip up after months of ignoring me and start messing with my head! I said hysterically, “I’m just not having it!”

The phone stopped ringing.

“There, she’s got the message,” I said, walking away from my laptop.

“I get that you are angry at her Anna but you only get one mum and why would you not want to resolve things?”

“Megan don’t you get it? She thinks that being gay and liking women is wrong. She is a very close-minded!” My mind drifted back to that day when we told them and I could still my mother’s shrill voice saying, “This whole thing is obviously just some phase you are going though. You are not gay and you are not going to America!” and “Well don’t come crying to me when it falls to pieces, and it will!”

My skype started ringing again.

“Anna,” Megan said pulling me close to her, “We have proved her wrong and surely she will see now that we are serious about each other and that nothing she can say will stop us being together. But at the same time, she loves you and that is why she reacted the way she did and if she is ringing you now then she obviously wants to make things up with you,” Megan reasoned.

I walked over to the laptop and pressed the reject button,

“I don’t know if I am ready to listen to what she has to say Megan.

“That’s understandable Anna but just remember that she has had time to think about things now Anna and I honestly believe that she wouldn’t be contacting you if she didn’t want to resolve things.”

“My mum is stuck in her ways Megan and is stubborn,” I said just has the phone began to ring a third time.

“That’s probably why you are stubborn Anna!”

“I’m going for a walk!” I said, “I need to clear my head!”

“Do you want me to come?” Megan asked as I pulled on my shoes,

“No, I want some time on my own to think,”

“I haven’t upset you have I?”

“No Megan you haven’t, it’s just my mum has done a lot of things in the past and I have always forgiven her but I don’t know if I can forgive her that easily just yet,” I said before giving her a soft kiss and leaving the flat and the sound of my skype ringing behind me.

“And breathe Anna!”

The End

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