Anna: MistakesMature

I stopped trying to contact Cara after I had received that email from her telling me not to contact her again. I knew that I had fucked up and I knew that by constantly trying to contact her would only make things worse and make her less likely to talk to me so I reluctantly stopped trying. Instead I tried to put my energy into the project I had to do with Dani, by spending hours in the university library working late into the night researching different journals that would be relevant to our project. I didn’t see much of Megan as I was spending so much time with my head in books, I would be the first one up in the morning and the last one to leave the library in an evening - the library staff have once or twice had to wake me up from a dark corner of the library where I had dosed off because they wanted to close up.  

The fact was I was burning myself out but I knew that it was the only way I could keep my mind off the fall out and the fact that I was missing home because of the fall out with Cara. Since my mother wouldn’t talk to me, I didn’t get much time to speak to my dad as he would normally have to wait until my mum had gone out before he could Skype me and now that Cara wasn’t talking to me, it meant that I couldn’t speak to any of my friends back at home as they all knew how much I had fucked up and were on Cara’s side.


“Anna! Wake up, it’s the end of the lecture!” I heard Dani say nudging me slightly.

I groaned before propping my head up with my hands, “Urrgh, I was resting my eyes that’s all!” I said, “I wasn’t sleeping!”

“You so were, you were snoring and everything!” Dani teased!”

“I do not snore!” I said defensively taking a playful swipe at Dani,

“Yes you do. Megan even says you do!”

“How does she know, we are either both awake or both asleep,” I asked as I packed away my notepad and pens.

“Your loud ass snoring keeps her awake!” Dani said playfully before running out of the lecture hall away from me!”

I had always been a faster runner than Dani and even with my heavy bag filled with notes and journals I had printed off I caught Dani in seconds once we had gotten outside. I grabbed her bag and turned her around the face me.

“You take that back!” I said jabbing at her sides and grinning the first genuine grin in about a week and a half.

Dani leaned closer to my ear and whispered “Never ever” before dancing away from me.

I wasn’t going to give up that easily, I dumped my bag on the side and ran towards her wrapping my arms around her. “Take it back or I will tickle you!”

“Never!” She screamed

Passers-by were looking over at where Dani and I stood play fighting with each other and were shaking their heads. One person even said loudly to her friend, “This isn’t elementary, they need to act their ages.”

I didn’t care what people were thinking, Dani had cheered me up and made me smile, even if it was through teasing me. I pulled her towards me and grabbed her wrists.


“Never!” she whispered before making a snoring noise and sticking het tongue out at me. We both started laughing, holding onto each other as we cracked up at how silly we were being. As we both straightened up we smiled and slowly we leaned towards each other, before either of us knew what was happening we were kissing. Her lips were soft and sweet tasting and for a second I pulled them closer before realising what was going on and pushing away.

“What the fuck? No this can’t happen!” I said backing away from Dani,

“Shit Anna!” Dani said,

“No no no no no!” I cried grabbing my bag and running as far away from Dani as I could. I had no idea where that kiss had come from. There was no warning signs or anything but what I did know is that it meant nothing! I ran back to the flat and pressed my back against the door breathing very fast.

“Hey Anna!” Megan called from the kitchen,

“Hi,” I called back trying to sound calm, “What are you doing back?” I asked putting my bag down and pulling Megan into a kiss.

“It’s lunch time, I always come back for lunch…” She answered, “What are you doing back, I thought you had a busy day?” She asked, “Do you want a sandwich by the way?”

“We didn’t need to go to the library after all so I am finished for the day and yeah I would love a sandwich please,” I said. “In fact no scratch the sandwich, why don’t we go back to bed?” I suggested wrapping my arms around Megan and kissing her neck.

“I can’t babe, I have to be back in forty minutes” Megan said,

“Can’t you be a bit late?” I asked, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

“No I can’t,” Megan said trying to do up the buttons I was undoing.

I slipped my hand into her trousers and underneath her underwear. She was wet but trying to control herself.

“Anna, I really can’t” She said moving my hands away, “I have eat this and get back to work, I’ll make you your sandwich. I love you!”

“Right okay,” I sighed sitting down at the table.

“Oh By the way, your skypes been going off in your room,”

“Really?” I said running to my room and waking up my laptop to see who had been trying to ring me, hoping against hope that it was Cara but it wasn’t.

“Who’s been ringing you?” Megan asked.

“My Mum.”

The End

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