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One thing i know about my best friend is that when she says no she means no, or at least most of the time. There have been several times where I have gone against what Cara has said and things have worked out for the better and she has appreciated my help, and I was under the impression that this was one of those times. Cara has seemed so downbeat about any prospect of her and Sam getting back together and so sure that it was entirely her fault that I couldn't just sit back and do nothing.

I was sitting on the bed with my laptop in front of me and a plate of Megan's Oreo truffles next to me contemplating the best way of contacting Angelique. Sam had given me her telephone number and an email address, both of which I had in front of me. Given the fact that this girl only knew about me from what Sam has told her, I figured that an email would be better. I pulled up outlook and then stared at the flashing cursor, trying to decide what to write.

Hi Angelique

"No, too friendly"  I said to myself before pressing backspace


My name is Anna Hawman and I am a friend of Sam's.

She gave me your contact details so that I had a contact for while I was out in America, she said that you have been a good friend to her which is part of the reason I am emailing you.

She has been dating my best friend Cara for quite a while, or at least she was dating Cara until quite recently when they split up. The reason they split was due to Cara needing a kidney but not wanting Sam to donate hers. They haven't really spoken since the split and I can tell that Cara really misses Sam and wants to sort things out but Sam hasn't really given her the time to.

I was wondering if you could possibly speak to Sam and try and get her to at least talk to Cara? I know it would mean a lot to Cara if it resulted in them getting back together.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


 I finished writing and re-read the email. It sounded okay to me so I took a deep breath and pushed the send button.


It was about a day later before I received an email back from Angelique,

Hi Anna, it was lovely to receive your email,

I do hope you are enjoying America, feel free to contact me if you need any help with anything.

As  for the situation with Sam. I can most definitely talk to her, I cant guarantee that she will actually listen to me. She's stubborn like that but it sounds to me that things got a bit out of hand and they need an outsiders perspective on things.

Kind regards,


I read the email and quickly typed a reply.  I had set the ball rolling and now all i could do was sit, wait and see.


"Hey Cara, how are things?" I asked, it had been a few days since I had spoken to her and I fancied a catch up. We had both been extremely busy with one thing and another.

"Same old, same old. How're things in America?"

"Yeah things are good here, been working on my student research project with Dani and have been working in the cafe so I've been super busy which is why i haven't been able to skype."

"That's okay, it's been pretty busy here too. Liam's been booking us gigs and on top of uni and work it's a miracle I'm still alive."

"I miss listening to you guys play! You'll have to record some as MP3 files and send them to me! Written any new songs?"

Cara laughed, "We're thinking of putting some up on YouTube. Liam and I actually wrote a new one last week. That makes two since you left," she said with a content smile.

"What's it called?" I asked, "And you guys should totally put them on YouTube, you would be an instant hit!"

Cara shrugged, "It's called broken heart. We're expanding our range and using our life experiences.

"You should totally write one about me because you know I am awesome and you love me!" I joked sticking out my tongue.

"We could call it Girl in America!" Cara said with a chuckle, "...Although I'm not sure how well swimming all the time and working in a cafe would work in a song."

"And sunbathing and relaxing and having the best time ever! I'm that awesome girl in America who fixes problems from 10,000 miles away! I'm sure you could come up with something!"

There was a moments pause before Cara next spoke, "... What do you mean fixes problems? Anna? Tell me you haven't talked to Sam's friend?"

I paused, shit I hasn't meant to say anything about that but it was no good lying to Cara as she always knew, "...ermmm, I may have corresponded with her a little .... I really wanted to cheer you up because you and Sam are amazing together and you were punishing yourself. But don't worry, she said she would subtly speak to Sam."

"WHAT THE FUCK ANNA!" Cara exploded, "Why would you do that when I asked you to leave it?"

"I just wanted to help Cara. You were so upset!"

"WHY CANT YOU KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE YOU'RE STILL MEDDLING WITH SAM AND I FROM AMERICA?" Cara shouted, getting to her feet and storming from the room.

"Cara, come back, we need to sort this!" I called, tears pricking my eyes.

"What the hell was all that about?" Ali said coming into the room and sitting down in front of the laptop.

"I was trying to help, I...." I trailed off and mumbled,

"What did you do?"

"I messaged one of Sam's friends. Cara really misses Sam and she was being really hard on herself. I thought if Sam's friend spoke to her then she and Cara might reconcile,"

"Anna honey, you should probably have spoken to Cara before you did that. You don't know what's been going on lately," Ali replied.

"I know. I'm just so far away and I wanted to cheer her up since i couldn't just give her a hug. I don't like seeing her upset and I miss her. I miss you all."

"We miss you too Anna but... You're so far away and you can't see how this has effected her. You should've spoken to her, warned her you were going to do it,"

"I did suggest the idea to her beforehand," I said sheepishly.

"And she said...?

"she said not to but she looked so downbeat. I just thought it would help the situation,"

"Jesus Anna! No! No wonder she's so pissed! If someone says no, you don't do it!"

"Please don't you hate me too!"

"I'm going to stop you right there Anna. I have no right to hate you, because it's not my private business you've meddled in. But Cara, she does and you don't get to sound so needy and pathetic, and I don't mean that as harsh as it sounds, when you've just cocked up that monumentally." Ali paused for a moment to glare at me before continuing, "You better think of a damned good way to apologise, because you had no right to do that."

"I was only trying to help! I didn't mean to upset her! She knows that i would never do anything to hurt her on purpose!"

"Right now all she knows is that you've just thrown a grenade in to a tentative peace treaty," Ali said.

"Not intentionally. Surely you know that! Can you get her to come back please Ali. I didn't mean for this to happen"

"You've got to stop interfering with them Anna. I know before it was because you didn't want them together but this is so much worse. I know you did it to help but if it doesn't you know she'll find it almost impossible to forgive you. Did you not think it through? Did you think she'd be happy that you'd gone behind her back after she asked you not to? I'm not going to get her. She needs time to cool off. I can hear her downstairs with Liam and if she comes to speak to you now you'll never get an apology in."

"In the past when she has been upset I have ignored what she has said and she has been happy as things have worked out okay! It helped. She seemed so upset, i just wanted to help her She's my best friend, she knows I'd never hurt her."

"Anna when has that ever happened? I can't think of a single time during the year I've known you anyway. Every time I can think of that you've meddled she's been upset. It might've worked before but she wasn't in a relationship before uni. You don't mess with other people's relationships, even if you're trying to help. Right now I think all she knows is that you ignored her wishes."

I sighed, "Can you just explain to her that it was with the best of intentions?" I asked to which I received an incredulous stare from Ali,

"Because you don't want her to hate you?"

"I just want the chance to explain and she probably wont listen to me right now! Please Ali" I pleaded. I knew I had fucked up and I just wanted to fix it.

"Anna, you want to know why I'm not going to? At least not right away? 1. That would be sticking my nose in 2. I think you were wrong 3. This is not about you, it never was, and you had to make it about you. So no. Maybe later when she's calmer, I'll mention that you're an idiot but a well meaning idiot, but don't think I'm championing you. I thought America was supposed to be your big maturation period? I mean I know it's only been a couple of months but jeez, think of consequences before you act!"

I stared at Ali for a moment, how did she know about what I had written in the letter to Cara, surely Cara hadn't shown it to everyone? "...How do you know about that? That letter was for Cara to read not everyone! Why do you think it was addressed to Cara and not everyone?"

"What letter? I'm talking about when you started trying to avoid everyone because you wanted to be mature and not get emotional before you went to America."

"Never mind. Look I made a mistake, can I please just talk to Cara. I just want to apologise to her!"

"I'm going to sign off now Anna. If she wants to talk to you, she'll message you," Ali replied bluntly.

"Don't do this Ali. Please let me talk to her!" I was crying now, tears trailing down my cheeks.

"Its not about you Anna! Christ!" Ali said angrily before signing off Skype. I tried to call back but it just rang out. No-one was picking up.

I had fucked everything up.

I shut my laptop and curled up on my bed and let the tears envelop me entirely!

The End

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