Anna: A Plan To Fix Cara and SamMature

"That was delicious," Megan said leaning back in her chair and rubbing her belly with satisfaction,

"It was even if I do say so myself," I said grinning back at her,

"Complements to the chef!"

"Even though I nearly burnt it?" I asked

"Well...... it was a bit crispy in places but it was still tasty, i'll get you trained up soon to make the best spaghetti bolognaise in the whole world,"

"Female Gordon Ramsay here?"

"Better!" Megan said puffing her chest out with pride, "I can make Oreo Truffles!"

"Now this I must taste!" I said eagerly .... "How do you make them?"

"Ah now that would be telling!" Megan said tapping her nose, "...but I will make them for you!"

"You are such a tease, go on then make them for me!"

"Okay but I need to go to the shop and get the ingredients,"

"I'll come to the shop with you,"

"Nope, because then you will know how to make them and I cannot have that! I will be ten minutes at the most!"

"Fine, spoil sport. I'll go and skype Cara whilst you are buying and making these interesting sounding truffles!

"Okay," Megan said with a grin.


It took a long time for Cara to answer her Skype to me which was very unusual for her and when she did finally answer the first thing I noticed was her webcam was not on.

"Hello? Cara?"

"Hi Anna," Cara said in a falsely bright tone of voice which I did not believe for a second,

"Cara, turn on your webcam."

"No, I'm..... doing something."

"You are a terrible liar, come on turn on your webcam and tell me whats wrong," I said folding my arms. A second later her camera came on and I was greeted with a puffy-eyed Cara, it was obvious that she had been crying mere moments before I had rung.

"Cara Honey whats happened," I asked, wishing so badly that I could reach through the screen and give her a gigantic hug.

"I....Went.....To......SeeSam" Cara said breaking into fresh sobs again,

"Oh I take it didn't go so well,"

"No, she cannot bare to be around me,"

"I'm sure that's not true chicken, I think she just needs time."

"How much time though, I cannot bare this uncertainty, its driving me mad!

"I know chick, I know. Please try and keep your head up!"

At that moment, I heard the door open, signalling Megan's return with the ingredients to make Oreo Truffles, I half hoped that Megan wouldn't come into the room whilst I was on Skype as the last thing I wanted to do was upset Cara more by reminding her that I was in a loving relationship, but as I anticipated Megan did come into the room and she did give me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Sorry," I said sheepishly as Megan left the room to make Truffles,

"Don't be Anna. At least your happy," she said giving me a warm smile.

"And you will be too!" I reassured her, "you just need to be a little patient. She'll come round. She'll realise what an incredible woman you are and that she would be a fool to hold on to this silly grudge. She'll be stupid to let you go. Just like I was" I said.

There was several moments silence following my words, It has been the first time I had mentioned our brief relationship for a long while and although I did not feel that way about her anymore, I still loved her as my best friend, as a sister if you will.

"Yeah well, we all do things we regret but some things cant be fixed,"

"Now your being silly. You and Sam can and WILL be fixed, I promise you!"

"How can you promise me when you are in America?" Cara asked dryly,

"Ah you see I have contacts out here now. Do you remember when I told Sam that I was going to America,"

"Yes.... Go on?"

"Well she said she had a couple of friends out here and she would give me their details - which she did. What I am thinking is if I talk to them and tell them how amazing you are and how this whole situation got so out of hand, they might talk to Sam and convince her to get back with you and bish bash bosh your fixed.

"No Anna," Cara said simply,

"But Sam said she was quite close to this Angelique girl, it could work!"

"Yes it could Anna, but it could also piss Sam off more as you are trying to use her friends against her,"

"Not against her, just getting her to see sense," I reasoned,

"Anna, just leave it please. I love you for trying to help but it wont work, trust me!"

"Cant I just talk...."

"No Anna!" Cara said sternly,"

"Fine, but I will fix you and Sam. You two are a great match!

"Thanks Anna. Listen I got to go now but thanks for talking. Promise me your not going to message that Angelique girl okay?"

"Okay," I said grumpily, "Bye!"

"Bye," Cara said before hanging up.

I stared at my screen for a moment in a world of my own until Megan's voice from the kitchen bought me back to my senses.

"Truffles are ready!"

The End

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