Anna: Spaghetti BologneseMature

Megan's favourite meal was spaghetti bolognese so that is what I was planning to cook for her! She had been working ever so hard, so much so that I had barely seen her apart from first thing in the morning when she would be rushing around like a headless chicken and late afternoon when she would be too tired to do anything and would just flop. I wanted to remind her that although I wasn't seeing all that much of her recently that I was still madly in love with her.

The mince was cooking, the spaghetti was on cooking and the wine was poured, (The wine is essential), and Megan was lightly dosing in the bedroom after a long shift.  As I watched the steam from the pan of spaghetti drift slowly upwards my thoughts were drawn back to the skype call with Cara I had earlier. It was strange not being there to comfort her in person, I just wanted to give her a big hug and tell her that everything would be fine and that her and Sam would work things out and live happily ever after but I knew Cara too well.

Cara would be thinking that she doesn't deserve a second chance and that everyone should stop being so nice to her because she messed up. Cara was a sensitive soul deep down, she hated conflict and fighting, always liked to see the best in people and always hated letting people down.  I could remember falling out with her over something silly when we were younger and she admitted later that she thought that I would never forgive her and that she was heartbroken at the prospect of losing her best friend  and I just had to pull her into a massive hug and remind her that she was stuck with me forever!

"What's burning?" the groggy voice of Megan said from behind me as she shuffled into the kitchen from the  bedroom,

"Oh Shit the mince," I shouted, grabbing the wooden spoon and scraping at the pan to unstick the mince that was burning from the bottom of it!

"What are you making?" Megan asked,

"I was making you spaghetti bolognese because I know how much you like it and I wanted to just remind you how much I love you even if I don't say it everyday,"

"Aww, you are adorable Anna," Megan said, stepping towards me and kissing me softly, "....But you do tell me that you love me everyday," she reminded me, biting her lip.

"I know but actions speak louder than words, but I have gone and burnt it now!"

"No you haven't, you just have to keep stirring the mince otherwise it sticks to the bottom of the pan. I'll finish it if you want?"

"No, I want to finish it. I just got distracted by Cara, she is going through it at the moment and I wish i could just give her a hug and tell her that Sam and her are going to be fine, and that I miss her!"

"She knows that you are there for her and I know she misses you too!" Megan said pulling me into a hug. "You are a massive cutie and I love you," Megan whispered in my ear!"

"I love you too," I replied,

"I'll love you more when my spaghetti bolognese is ready to eat!"

"Cheeky!" I said sticking my tongue out at her as she smacked my bum and darted out the way before i could react.

"I love you Anna!"

The End

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