Cara: TextingMature

Sam hadn't got back in touch he next day. In fact it had been three days since I'd attempted to set up a meeting. 

"She might have gotten really busy?" Ali suggested from where she was sitting on the sofa.

"Ali, I told you. I don't want to talk about it."


I got up and walked out of the room. I would be safe in my room, away from everyone. Despite everything I had said about 'not getting my hopes up', I hadn't been able to help but check my phone throughout the days. 

I lay on my bed, looking at the ceiling. Uni was going well, work was okay but nothing felt quite right. Waiting around for Sam to get in touch seemed almost like a waste of time, but the hope that she might actually call was the only thing keeping me going at the moment. I sighed, and reached for my book pile. Might as well do some reading while I'm up here. 

My pone buzzed and I leapt for it, throwing the book down in my haste. It was from Anna, asking if I was free to skype. I sighed, but turned on my laptop and let it load while I texted her back. 

"Hey Anna." I gave her a small smile. 

"Hey Cara, how's everything going?"

"Oh, you know... it's going." I shrugged. "How about you?"

"Yeah I'm good. I found out that the work experience is paired with a student researcher project which should be so much fun!"

"That's good." I smiled a little, and she frowned slightly in response. 

"So... how was the art show?"

"Erm... I mean it was good. The pictures came out so well."

"Was Sam there?" Straight to the point. Great. 


"What happened?" 

"I guess... we talked? She said she'd think about us being friends."

"Well that's progress at least."

"Yeah... but she hasn't got in touch and she cancelled our plans."

"Oh. Not so good."

"Yeah. I'm feeling down about it to be honest. And Ali is so hopeful that I can't really deal with being downstairs at the moment."

"You were doing so well without her."

"I know. And then I got a little taste and..."

"It sucks, I know. Maybe you just have to call her?"

"No. I can't. I need it to be her. I can't push this if she doesn't really want it."


"Anna, please. Don't argue with me... I can't right now."

My phone vibrated and I glanced at it. Sam. 

"Give me a second Anna." I murmured and grabbed the phone. 

Sorry about the other day. Tomorrow afternoon at the flat?

My breath caught in my throat and I didn't know whether to smile or cry. 

It's okay. Sure. What time?

Half four?

Great. Thanks. See you then. 

"I'm assuming that was Sam?" Anna asked. I jumped; I'd forgotten she was there.

"Uh... yeah. It was."

"And?" Anna looked excited. 

"We're meeting up tomorrow."

Anna clapped and grinned. 

"That's amazing."


"Okay okay." Anna raised her hands, grinning. "But you have to tell me how it goes."

"Will do." 

"I'd better go." Anna grinned. "I'm cooking for Megan tonight."

"Oh that's lovely." I smiled. Now that Sam had organised something, I didn't feel so bad. I waved bye to Anna and collapsed, grinning, back on to my bed. 

The End

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