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Due to the time difference between America and the United Kingdom and the fact that we were all becoming busier and busier now that university had started again, I didn't get much of a chance to regularly Skype everyone from back home but whenever I could I would - even if that did mean that I was greeted by a dishevelled looking Cara at times because I had rang her at three in the morning by mistake.  I was still loving America immensely even if I did miss everyone from back home, but I had little time to dwell on missing everyone as Danielle and I had just been told what our work experience would entail.  It transpired that the paid work experience would be a student researcher position focussing on a particular topic and as this was such a large proportion of the year we would be working in pairs and small groups for the duration.

"So what topic do you think would be interesting to research?" Danielle asked me, her pencil poised and ready to write down some ideas. I glanced at the long list of topics on the PowerPoint that was being shown at the front of the lecture hall and inwardly cringed at some of the titles.

"Well I definitely do not wan to research into the usefulness of the concept of  "grandmother cells ” for understanding how information processing occurs in the visual cortex."

"What the hell does that even mean? In American please!" Danielle said creasing her brow and giving the question a confused look!"

"I think that's what we are meant to research Dani,"

"Haha, you are hilarious but funnily enough I knew that bit!"

"What about we look at the development of The Student's Academic Literacy Tool and how it can be used to improve the standard of a students academic writing at university,"

Sounds interesting Anna, let me write that down! Danielle said peering at the PowerPoint and writing the research question we decided to do.

"I was thinking that we could organise the tool as a checklist where students can tick off each of the criteria needed to enable them to ascertain a standard of writing which is accepted within the university," I suggested and Danielle nodded and began to eagerly write down my idea.  This student research position sounded like it would be a lot of hard work but it would be very rewarding and a great way to spend my year in America, especially since I would be getting paid to do it!


"Well, I think we were both very productive there," Dani said happily as we made out of the lecture hall amid a throng of other students who were hurrying off to more lectures and seminars. We had no more lectures or seminars for the rest of the day and being the academic students that we were we had already decided that we were to head off to the library and get a head start on planning our Students Academic Literacy Tool..... tomorrow. As for the rest of today was concerned we were going to make the most of the sunshine and have a swim. Danielle is such a bad influence on me!


"Hey, I'm home!" I called from the door as I entered the flat, dumped my bag and took off my shoes,

"Hey, I'm in the kitchen, I'm on Skype to Ali come say hi!" she called,

I headed into the kitchen, wrapped my arms around Megan who was sitting down in front of her laptop, gave her a loving kiss and then looked up at the screen.

"Hey Ali, what's up?"

"Hey Anna, how are you?" She asked,

"Yeah, I'm great thanks, how are things with you?"

"Things are fine here, I'm still pregnant and I am still having weird ass cravings!"

"Oh yeah, what is it now?" I said with a laugh, trying to imagine what strange combination of food blip was making Ali crave now.

"Celery and tomato sauce! I cant get enough of it"

"Yuck!" I said crinkling my nose in disgust, "I am so glad its you pregnant and not me, I don't think I could cope with the cravings!

Ali chuckled, "I don't know how much more of these weird cravings I can take if I am honest,"

"It will all worth it in the end Ali, you will have a beautiful baby!"

"Yeah definitely, although I can bet that with everyone around that Jak and I wont even get a look in!"

"Oh you will," I assured her, "...You and Jak can do the night feeds and nappy changes!"

"Oh thanks!" Ali replied dryly! "Anyway, its getting on here so I better go, speak soon Anna, speak soon Megan!"

"Bye Ali," Megan and I said together before ending the call.

I plonked myself in the seat next to Megan and gave her another kiss, "Hello again gorgeous,"

"Hello beautiful, you smell of chlorine again,"

"Yeah, I went swimming again..." I said sheepishly looking at Megan,

"She is a bad influence on you missus" Megan said half stern, half playfully.

I moved my hands and began to subtly undo Megan's buttons on her blouse, "I think you will find that you Miss Warwick are the bad influence on me" I murmured before pressing my lips to hers firmly.  

The End

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