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America was awesome! Ever since I arrived I felt at ease, the people Megan and I met were so friendly and helped us navigate our way around and were all more than willing to go out of their way to help with anything else. What’s more is that the Americans all loved our English accent which made integration into their community a lot easier. The accommodation Megan and I were living in was a spacious flat which overlooked the city and was a ten minute walk from the university campus - not that i would see much of the university as a main part of the year in America was a work placement to gain some unique and valuable work experience. I didn’t know what my placement would entail yet but in the meantime I had successfully gotten a job in one of the local cafes to earn a bit of extra money. Megan had enrolled on an apprentice scheme with the police which she enthused about at any opportunity that arose. We were both very happy here!

I had not heard from either of my parents since I had come out about being gay and that I was going to live in America for a year but to be quite honest I couldn’t care. It’s the twenty first century and if they were going to be homophobic and give me the cold shoulder then I wasn’t going to stop them. It did hurt that my parents weren’t there to support me but I had Megan and her parents who always assured me that ‘they would realise that they were being silly and come round’ and that ‘time heals all wounds’. Nevertheless, I still liked to scroll through my parents facebook pages now and again to see what they were up to.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was just leaving the university after a long lecture on I don’t know what (it was so boring that me and my friend Daniella had ended up playing hangman with Once Upon a Time characters as the subject) and I was heading back to the flat.

“Its too nice to go inside,” Daniella complained as we walked, her flat was just down the road from mine and ever since i had met her on my first day we had just clicked. She was an American, straight version of Cara with very long chestnut brown hair which fell to the small in her back and a very infectious personality. She was bubbly and outgoing like myself and had a similar sense of humour to me, as we would survive long university lectures by playing hangman, texting each other witty remarks whilst still being top of the class.

“Well what do you suggest we do Dani?” I asked, I had a free afternoon as Megan was working all day and i was on top of my work.

“We could go to the outdoor pool? She suggested grinning widely at me and fluttering her eyelashes.

“You do realise I have spent so much money whilst I have been in America on that swimming pool!”

“Yeah I know but you love it!” Dani said tugging at my arm like a little kid.

“Fine we’ll go swimming, but we need to go to my flat first so I can get my bikini


PineWood Lido was the local outdoor swimming pool and since the UK lacks the weather to warrant outdoor swimming pools, since finding out that there was one nearby I promised myself that I would make the most of it, even if it was quite expensive.

“Megan will know where you are wont she? I mean it’s practically your second home!” Dani said as we began to get changed into our bikinis. One thing that did come as quite a big shock when I came to America is about how relaxed some of the people were on public nudism. For example in the UK, a woman would get changed in a cubical so that none of her private bits were on show whereas here, the people could strip off all of their clothes and the people wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Danielle, being born and raised in America was not averse to being naked in public and she was very surprised when the first time we went swimming, I opted to get changed in a cubical.

I had since gotten used to this now and was more comfortable with the idea knowing that it was normal.

“I would imagine so, its where she has found me before! You are a bad influence on by bank account you know!” I told her as she pulled off her top to reveal her rather breasts which were supported by a bra which looked designer.

“Hey, I didn’t hold a gun to your head,” she reasoned as she unclipped her bra and pulled on the top half of her bikini.

“No but you are very persuasive and i am not loaded,”

“And I am?” she said,

“Hey, i’m not the one wearing a designer bra and bikini!” I said pulling on my TopShop bought bikiki.

“What can i say,” she said grinning, “Maybe I do splash the cash a bit, although you have a Ted Baker purse Anna!”

“That was a treat, plus my old purse was falling to pieces,”

“Yeah yeah, come on lets get in the water otherwise the sun will have gone in!

“Alright miss designer, but we really need somewhere else to go which isn’t as expensive, I need to get back to the UK after this year is over you know!”

“Yeah I know, so the plan is to spend all your money so you can’t leave me,”

“Haha nice try. Why don’t you come to the UK when you have finished your degree?” I suggested.

“Can’t afford to...” Dani said,

“Liar liar pants on fire!” I said as we got into the water and I proceeded to splash her.

“Don’t splash me! Definitely not coming to visit you in the UK now!” she joked.

The End

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