Anna: Arriving In AmericaMature

Whenever I think of boats, I am reminded of Titanic and whenever I think of planes I am reminded of the Final Destination films and because of this I have tried to avoid both boats and planes. I know this fear is irrational as the only boat I have been on was crossing the English Channel and it is very unlikely that there would be an iceberg in the middle of the channel,  and all planes are checked thoroughly before take off but still this fear has remained my entire life! With this being said, this fear was numbed by a mixture of excitement and nerves when I boarded the plane to America with Megan and it wasn't until the plane had actually took off that the fear kicked in!

I didn't want to worry Megan so I hadn't told her about this so instead I sat back in my seat and took some deep comforting breaths, reminding myself that Megan was with me and that everything was fine. I peered out of the window and saw the airport shrinking away and the cars getting smaller, the van with all of my friends in was somewhere down there, driving along the roads now tiny in size and even now, so far away! I took a deep breath in and breathed out very slowly and felt comforted, especially when Megan's hand clasped mine and she gave me a reassuring smile.

"Its okay Anna, everything will be fine,"

"I know, its just very daunting and now its here and we are on the plane its all so real!"

"I know Anna, but you have me and I have you and we can get through anything!"

I smiled at Megan and gave her a soft kiss, Megan always had a silver lining for any situation, she was a ray of positivity and I would be lost without her.

 A small dinging sound caught my attention and the seatbelts sign went out, which was a relief because I wasn't comfortable and I wanted to sleep for a large portion of the flight without being restricted by the seatbelt.  I unclipped my seatbelt and leaned back in my seat, lucky there was no-one sitting directly behind me so I could pull the lever on my seat to lower it even more.

"You going to sleep?" Megan asked, holding a book in her hands,

"Yeah," I said, "I hate long journeys and prefer to sleep otherwise I get grumpy,"

"Ahh, okay hunni," Megan said before opening her book at her bookmark and burying her nose in it. I laid back, closed my eyes and allowed the vibrations of the plane to lull me into a soft slumber. When I awoke, it had started to get dark outside, I peered out of my window and saw that we were now flying above the clouds, which were tinged a pinkish colour by the setting sun. I looked over and saw that Megan had fallen asleep, her fingers still clasped onto the book which was still open on her lap. I must have been asleep quite a while as the excited buzz of noise and chatter which had filled their aircraft when we had boarded had died down and passengers were now sitting with heads in books, earphones in watching films or snoozing in their seats.


"Seatbelts ladies, we are preparing for landing,"  the stewardess instructed us and both Megan and I clipped on our belts as the aircraft slowly made its decent. Butterflies filled my stomach once more, we had arrived and there was no going back now!  It took about half an hour for the plane to land and another fifteen to twenty minutes for all the passengers to get off safely. Megan and I followed the signs for baggage reclaim and joined the crowd of people who were waiting for their luggage.

"Megan, I think I have found your bag! Is this it?" I called, holding up a large navy blue bag,

"Yeah that's mine," she said coming over and taking it from me, "I can't see yours yet though..."

"Oh hang on here it is..." I said going to pick up what I thought was my bag until I realised the tag said it belonged to a 'Roger Duncan', "Nope that's not it ....sorry" I said as a tall gentleman who I assumed to be the illusive  Roger Duncan reached over to grab the bag, "You have the same bag as me,"

"Not to worry Miss, I appear to have picked up yours by mistake, are you by chance Anna Hawman?" he asked gesturing to the label on my bag, "...because its certainly not me, for one thing I don't have the anatomy"

I laughed awkwardly at the mans joke before telling him that I was indeed Anna Hawman, and that I was definitely not Roger Duncan either.

We swapped bags and Megan and I headed in one direction whilst Roger Duncan headed the other way.

"So where do we go now?" Megan asked,

"Well I assume we head towards that woman who is holding my name up and I am guessing she will take us to our accommodation and show us around. Lets go!"

The End

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