Cara: Last few daysMature

We were cooking a giant breakfast by the time Anna emerged from the shower, fresher looking than before if still terribly hungover, and Megan gave her a kiss before continuing to make toast. 

"What do you want Anna?"

"Honestly I'm not even that hungry."

"Anna you eat some toast or I swear-"

"Okay okay!" Anna relented as Megan put down two slices of buttered toast in front of her girlfriend. 

Ali appeared, rubbing her stomach, with Jak not far behind her. 

"Hey," I smiled, "what do you want for-"

"Toast, bacon, coffee, please." Ali groaned. 

"You're not supposed to have cof-"

"-FINE. Juice." She groaned. "I couldn't sleep last night."

"Sorry if we woke you."

"Nah. I'm still getting used to being a little bigger."

"Wait till you balloon," Liam said, receiving an evil look from Ali in response. 

"Guys. Chill. Food is ready." I said, serving up a platter of bacon for everyone to pick from. 

"What're you two doing until tomorrow then? You've got everything packed; it must just be the goodbyes now huh?" Jak said to Anna and Megan. 

"Yeah. Goodbyes." Anna mumbled, looking downtrodden. 

"You realise we'll skype and call all the time right?"

"Yeah but I'm going to miss loads. Like, when you go to the gallery; I wanted to see those photos! And hanging out and watching the band and shopping and-"

"Jesus, let's not get too emotional okay?" I grinned, trying to stop tears forming in my own eyes as I watched hers well up. 

"I'm just really going to miss you guys." She sobbed, and we all engulfed her in a hug. 

"You've got Megan, and thanks to technology, you've got us just a phone call, text or facetime away. Don't be silly."

"I'm sorry." She sniffed. "I just can't help thinking that it's going to be so weird and different, and when we come back what if you don't recognise us?"

"You're not going to try out plastic surgery are you?"


"Well then there's no reason why we wouldn't recognise you." I reasoned. 

"Not what I meant." She rolled her eyes at me and I grinned. 

"I  know. But you're being silly. We're you're friends and we're not going anywhere."

"Okay." She sniffed and bit in to her toast. Megan smiled a watery smile and gave her a one armed hug. All of us carried on eating like the  outburst hadn't happened, but I could tell that everyone, including myself, was feeling down now. We'd all miss Anna and Megan, even if we wouldn't completely miss their soppiness. I chuckled to myself at that thought and took another gulp of juice. Things were going to change, true, but that didn't mean they were changing for the worse. 

Later, Liam and I were lying on the sofas downstairs, cuddled up because no one had quite gotten over the fact that Anna and Megan were going to be gone tomorrow, and Ali came thundering downstairs. 


"Yes great thundering intruder upon quiet moping times?"

"Can we go shopping now?"

"For what?" 

"Baby stuff. An outfit for the art show for you...."

"Ali that's not for another few weeks."

"But... I want to go shopping." She pouted. 

"I promised Anna we'd spend all the time together we could. She's supposed to be texting me when she's changed and ready. Her and Megan wanted to hang out with us all."

"Well they could come shopping with us. One last shopping trip."


"You cannot deny a pregnant woman." Liam butted in. I elbowed him. "Ow. Cara, you're only putting it off because you're nervous."

"Ugh, stop it. Fine, I'll text Anna and ask if she wants to come."

I got my phone out as Ali did a celebratory dance and Liam grinned. 

Hey, Ali wants to go shopping. Want one last shopping trip before America? We can still all meet later for a meal out or something; maybe that all you can eat Chinese we went to before? Sorry if I've interrupted your sexing, let me know. xxx

"Do you guys want to go to eat this evening, out?" I asked them as I waited for a reply. "Anna knows a great all you can eat Chinese."

"Sure, why not. You guys can drop off your shopping and then we'll go straight there." Liam said. "I'll make sure Jak is ready. Anna and Megan won't have bought anything anyway, so they won't need to make a stop."

"Great." My phone buzzed and Anna had replied that we could meet after lunch and do some shopping before a meal out. I grinned and told the others her reply. 

"Yay! Okay well, I'm going to make lunch now if  you guys want some? Then we can arrange when and where to meet."

"Sure. Coming Liam?" 

"On my way good lady."

"Wonderful, good sir." I chuckled, and we all headed upstairs for food.

The End

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