Anna: Hung OverMature

I had definitely drunk more than I should have done, when I sat on the sofa in the club the world spun, the lights dazzled me but I didn't care.

"I think I need another drink!" I said to Liam who was sitting next to me,

"Don't you think you should pace yourself?" he said, I couldn't hear what he said but I could read his lips,

I shrugged and pranced off towards the bar before Liam could stop me, I weaved through the crowd thronging the bar and found myself next to Lady Lush who was getting a glass of water.

"Hey Lady Lush!" I called over the noise,

"Hey gorgeous, you having a good time!?" She asked holding both her thumbs up,

I responded by holding both my thumbs up and grinning, "More drink needed!" I shouted holding up my now empty glass which had contained vodka and red bull.

"I'll get you one," Lady Lush said pulling out her purse and pulling out a crisp five pound note and handing it to me.

"Thank you!" I shouted over the din of the club,

"No worries," she said before weaving her way into the crowd to strut her stuff.

"What can I get you?" the bar man asked me abruptly looking harassed, the club was very busy this evening and he was running the bar on his own .

"A vodka shot and a pint of cider please,"  I yelled, the barman bustled away and came back a moment later with my drinks. I slammed the five pound note on the bar and was given one pound fifty change. I downed the vodka shot and took a long slurp of my cider and then caught sight of Megan who was sitting in a booth with Cara and Liam.  I hurried over and sat down next to Cara, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and giving her a one armed hug!

"You know .... your my bestest friend ever Cara!"

"Yeah you too Anna, you drunk bum!"

"I'm not drunk .... just happy!" I said picking up my glass and taking a drink and choking.

"Yeah you are so drunk!" Liam said laughing as Cara patted my back as I choked on my cider.


"Be careful," I heard someone whisper, I wasn't fully conscious so I couldn't tell who was whispering but I could feel my shoes being tugged off my feet and covers being thrown over me before sleep enveloped me. The next thing I knew, bright light was streaming through the curtains opposite and although I hadn't opened my eyes, I could tell it must be mid morning because the light I had seen through my lashes was bright. I dared to open my eyes a centimetre and a pain shot through my head. Nope opening my eyes was a bad idea I thought, instead I rolled over so that my face was against the cool pillow.

"Anna? You awake?" I heard someone shout,

"Urrrgh, too loud..... how much did I drink last night?" I groaned into the pillow, I felt someone sit down next to where I was lying and move my hair slightly.

"Quite a lot!" Cara's voice said, "Don't you remember?"

"I can remember telling you that you were my bestest friend ever but I can't remember anything past that..." I said straining my memory but remembering nothing.  I attempted to open my eyes and sit up but my head was throbbing, I pulled myself about half way, groaned and flopped back down again.

"Anna, sit up, I've got you a glass of water and two paracetamol which you need to take," Cara said, before helping me to sit up.

"Urrrgh, why'd I drink so much??" I asked as I took both the tablets and took a large swig of water.

"You were in the mood to party?" Cara suggested,

"I did tell you to pace yourself, but you were having none of it!" Liam called from the kitchen,

"What time did we get back?"

"About three ish, you felt sick and the bouncer wouldn't let you back in," Cara said,

"Never drinking again!" I said, taking downing the rest of the water in the glass, getting to my feet slowly and heading into the kitchen to refill the glass.

"Famous last words Anna. You have said that before!"

"I mean it this time!"

"Yeah yeah, until the next time!" Liam said sticking his tongue out at me, if I hadn't been so hung over, I would have thrown my glass of water at him in retaliation but instead I just grimaced at him and plodded back into the living room.

"Why'd I sleep here by the way? And where is Megan?"

"To answer the first question Anna, both you and Megan slept here..." Cara said pointing to the bundle of empty blankets on the sofa opposite the one I had been sleeping on, "...and the second question, Megan has gone to buy the ingredients for a full English slap up breakfast to sober everyone and in particular you up,"

"Oh, " I said taking a sip of water.... I didn't think my stomach could manage food, just the thought was making me feel sick ... "Great."

The End

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