Cara: Night outMature

We were getting ready and Anna kept repeating 'on fleek' until I threatened to put her on an early flight to America. Only then did she shut up and give us a break from the awful internet slang. 

"Are you guys ready?" Liam appeared in the door way with a pair of grey school shorts on, held up by braces over a blue shirt. He'd got a couple of painted on freckles and some glasses on. 

"Ahem, Liam. Guys are supposed to look nerdy." Anna frowned at him. 

"Isn't this nerdy?" He looked down at himself, confused. 

"In a 'Liam makes everything look hot' kind of way." I replied. "If you put a bow tie on you'd still be hot."

"Hey, bow ties are cool."

"Yes Doctor."

 Anna frowned, too busy fidgeting with her outfit and Megan's hand to pay much attention. "Doctor Who?"

Liam and I roared with laughter. 

"There's no bigger nerd than the Doctor sometimes," I admitted. "Liam, I accept your school boy/ Doctor Who outfit. Are the others ready?" 

"Almost. Callum's here, with Lily. I'm going to keep them company with a few beers. You coming?"

"Well I'm ready, but I'm not drinking. I'll join though." I smiled and then turned to the others. "You two, my room is off limits for sexy times. I swear to god if I suspect anything, and you know I always know when it's happened, I will kill you both and take the tickets for America for Liam and I to holiday with."

"Genius. Wait... can't we do that even if they don't have sex?" Liam winked. 

"Screw you Liam." Anna laughed, throwing a pillow at him. 

"NO! No screwing!" I demanded dramatically. 

We left the other two in fits of laughter and headed downstairs. Callum looked adorably nerdy, and Lily, who I'd only seen a couple of times since we met, was HAWT. 

"Hey Cara, eyeballs back in skull please. She's all mine." Callum grinned as Lily blushed and waved at me, embarrassed. 

"Well Callum, I didn't want to say it but, you did well my friend." Liam shook his hand and laughed before grabbing a beer. I settled for water. 

"Honestly, you guys are so nice." Lily said, her cheeks still flushed. 

"It's because you're so adorable and innocent and we don't want to ruin you." I grinned. 

"I was adorable and innocent once." Ali appeared, rubbing her tummy. "Before I fell for a guy and got pregnant and engaged... although we all know we're telling baby that it was engaged and then pregnant RIGHT?"

"Yes ma'am." Liam saluted. 

"So we're lying to baby before baby is born?" I queried.

"Baby will be lied to if it means he or she grows up respecting people and being careful."

"Woah, momma bear is growling at full force!" Liam laughed. "Speaking of full force... where is the formidable lesbian duo? Thought they weren't supposed to be having sex in your room-?"

"ANNA!" I yelled and heard a giggle before the two thundered down the stairs, holding hands. 

"No sex! Promise!" Megan laughed as Anna chuckled and kissed her cheek. 

I pretended to wretch and vomit over the side of the chair until Anna jumped at me. I ran giggling to the door. 

"Can we go to a bar already?"

"You're not even drinking, why are you excited?" Liam asked. 

"Because I'm with my friends, and two of them are buggering off to AMERICA soon so I have to squeeze in as much time as possible." 

"Fair enough."

We ended up heading out half an hour later and went to a bar called Folie's. The music was loud and we laughed and chatted in the corner before Anna announced that we had to go to a club, NOW. We returned to our favourite, with Liam keeping an eye out for Kay, or Lady Lush, so he could grab him/her to join us. 

"LADIES!" Lady Lush appeared in full drag, a fabulous blue gown on with a long blonde wig. 

"HI!" Anna yelled back, hugging her. "I'm leaving!"

"I know girl, that's why I've got this." A bottle of champagne appeared, surrounded by gloriously red fingernails. 


"She's drunk." I muttered to Liam who laughed and went to say hi to Kay. 

"I'm going to go and get a drink of water." I called to Megan, and disappeared in to the crowd in the direction of the outdoor bar. Once outside I breathed in the cool air gratefully and made my way through the crowd to try and get a drink. 

The End

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