Anna: "Geeks On Fleek!"Mature

I slept easier from then on, safe in the knowledge that Megan was deadly sure about America and that I had no reason to worry! As the date of departure drew closer, more and more of my life got packed away in boxes and suitcases and more and more of Callum's life arrived at the flat, also packed away in boxes and suitcases. I was still nervous about going but I was also excited, America would be a fantastic experience for Megan and I and I would have been silly not to accept it.

A few days before Megan and I were due to leave, everything was pretty much packed and Callum had pretty much moved all of his stuff into the flat, I received a text from Cara,

'Hey do you and Megan want to go shopping for our geek costumes in a bit, ready for this evening?'

"Geek costumes?" I murmured,

"Pardon?" Megan asked,

"Cara has just asked me if we want to go shopping for geek costumes..." I said looking perplexed.

"You've forgotten haven't you?"

"Forgotten what?"

"Our leaving party is this evening and its geek themed .... we've only been planning it for months now..."

"Oh crap really? That's tonight?"


"What should i say to Cara?"

"You are really not with it today are you .... say yes you numpty!"

I pulled out my phone and replied , "Yeah that sounds good, what time?"

It didn't tale long for Cara to reply, "How does half two sound? Meet in town in the square?"

"Half two?"  I asked Megan,

"Yeah, i'm looking forward to it! I want to look red hot for tonight!"

"Not too hot babe, don't want to be giving the boys the wrong idea!"

"Me give the boys the wrong idea? Never!! Hot for you!"

"Well I can't wait to see what you come up with!" I said pulling her towards me and giving her a kiss before quickly sending a reply to Cara, "Yeah that sounds great. See you soon!"


Megan and I arrived in the town square earlier than arranged but as predicted Cara was already there, Cara had always been one of those people who would arrive somewhere before they were meant to whereas I was normally late.

"Early for once!" Cara called, getting off the bench she had been waiting on and pulling Megan and I into a three way hug. "You know, I am so going to miss these shopping trips when you two go, I really am!"

"Don't be getting all mushy on us Cara," I said pulling out the hug, "You still have Ali and she will need tons of shopping trips with you to get ready for bump! In a few weeks time you will be saying Anna... Anna who?" I said with a giggle,

"I'm sorry who you are you again?" Cara suddenly said jokingly.

"Haha hilarious, comedian Cara. Come on lets go shopping!" I said flinging my arms around both Cara and Megan's necks and marching them towards the shops.


"How about this?" Cara said pulling back the curtain. She was wearing a black button up dress with a white blouse underneath it, a very short black and white tie and some black tights.

I coughed and said the word "geek" and Cara grinned,

"Nerdy Geek or sexy geek?"

"Sexy geek for definite.... If I wasn't dating anyone....."

"OKAY LETS NOT!" Megan said cutting me off and we all burst into fits of laughter.

"Right so I will get this, Anna get looking... You and Megan need to be the hottest geeks going as its your party ..."

"Don't worry we will find something!

After what seemed like hours Megan and I eventually found an outfit which we all approved on. I had picked out a black top which had the word 'DWEEB' written on it, a long blue skirt, some knee high black stockings, some white converse style boots and some geeky glasses. Megan on the other hand had gone for a slightly more promiscuous look, opting for a white top with a very low V neckline which emphasised her breasts beautifully, some tartan shorts which matched a tartan bowtie and  some clip on brown braces which attached to the loops on her shorts, went over her shoulders and clipped to the back of her shorts. She had also bought some knee high black leather boots with a stiletto heal that I was in LOVE with.

"Well my bank account is going to hate me after that spending spree," I said as we left the shop, satisfied with our purchases.

"You're telling me! These boots cost £40 on their own!"

"Well I know for a fact you have some at home which you easily could have used ...."

"Yeah I know but i needed some new ones and plus those ones are packed!"

"Yeah right, packed right at the top of your suitcase ... You packed them last night!"

"Still packed and if i opened that case I wouldn't get it shut again, it took me HALF AN HOUR to zip it up last night and I was sure the zip was going to break on me!"

"Ahh but...."

"Guys, chill! it doesn't matter, we have got outfits .... the real issue now is where can we get food from because I don't know about you but this girl is HUNGRY!" Cara said,

"You and your stomach .... I swear you have a romantic relationship with your stomach ..."

"Too right I do, it makes me very happy when I feed it!"

"Okay, well I am pretty sure there is a Fatso's or Hungry Jacks up here, we can grab a sandwich from there and then go back to Cara's and get ready for this party, how does that sound?" I said.

"Sounds good," Cara said.

"I'm so looking forward to this evening, we are going to be On Fleek!"

"On Fleek? What the hell does that mean?"

"It means perfect ... its a fairly new internet slang term i've heard people using ...."

"You spend too much of your life on the internet Anna!"

"So?... Geeks on Fleek!  For the win!"

"Anna, you are such a little weirdo!" Cara and Megan said together!

The End

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