Cara: Cheese and more cheeseMature

"We ordered pizza." Liam said as I walked through the front door. 

"Healthy." I chuckled. "I'm assuming this another craving?"

"Yup. Mine. Maybe I'm pregnant?" He gasped dramatically. 

"Alright clever clogs. Have you invited Anna and Megan?"

"Nope. I'm not in the mood for soppy and I thought you wouldn't be either."

"You thought right." 

"So what pizzas have we got?"

"A massive cheesy pizza for you..."

"'re a star..."

"... and we've got meat feasts and a veggie supreme."

"Sounds good. I'm just going to have a shower, then I'll be down. I'm guessing I've got time?"

"About fifteen minutes."


I jogged upstairs and grabbed my towel, jumping in the shower and putting my music on via my phone. I knew it was bad for the phone but... eh. 

About five minutes in, my music was interrupted by a text. I waited for it to come back on and continued singing along. Out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, I checked my phone and almost dropped it. 

It was from Myra. 

Hey Cara, did you get the invite?

Erm... what invite? 

OH SHIT. The art thing. My pictures... I ran in to my room and threw on a tank and tartan (mens) lounge pants. (Always more comfortable when they're mens). Then I dashed downstairs, my hair still dripping. 

"Woah, where's the fire? Pizza's not here yet." Liam said. 

"Did I get a letter? Post? Any post?" 

"Erm... yeah. What is it?"


"Where the post usually is. Counter." I ran over and grabbed the mail, leafing through until I found the poshest looking envelope ever. "What's wrong Cara?"

"Got my invite." I mumbled as I sat at the table, opening the crisp white fold. 

"Invite for...? Oh. That one." I stared a the curling black letters, inviting me to 'attend an evening of art'  by Myra. "Are you going?"

"I... I don't know. I mean... she wants me to and I guess we're still okay, even though... well everything that happened and..."

The door bell rang, cutting me off, and there was suddenly the sound of thundering feet as Jak appeared from downstairs. 

"PIZZA!" He reached the door and flung it open. He had paid the pizza guy and made it back to the door for downstairs before he bothered to glance back. "Who died?"

"No one." I sighed and got  up to follow him downstairs. "Come on Liam, pizza solves everything. 


"I think you should go. Myra told you Sam isn't going to be there and even if she was you want to be friends so it would be an opportunity for that." Ali said through a mouthful of pizza.

"But I spent most of my time doing that shoot talking about her and our future..."

"Cara, let's be honest here." Liam interrupted. "The only reason you're not going is because you're scared. And that's just chickeny. I think you should stop being a chicken and just say yes. And take one of us as a plus one so that we can laugh at your pictures."

"Thanks Liam." I replied dryly, throwing a piece of pepper at him. He grinned and ate the pepper. 

"Is it settled now?"


"And I totally get to be your plus one because Anna will be in America."

"I don't know, I think I'll take Ali..."

"Erm, nope. I will be fat."

"You won't be fat you'll be pregnant."

"Surrounded by free booze I can't have. Erm nope."

"Thanks for the female solidarity support."

"No prob sis, I got you!" She winked. 

"I hate you guys. Why can't you let me be a coward?"

"Wouldn't look good for the band." Liam winked. 

"You really want to wind me up  tonight huh?"

"Let's just say I think we've been going soft on you."

"Okay I give in! I'll go!" I cried and grabbed another slice of pizza to lose my troubles in. 

"WAHOO!" Everyone yelled and I wouldn't thrown the pizza at them if that wouldn't have been a giant waste of some very good pizza. 

"So I guess I'll just text Myra and tell her." I took out my phone and replied to Myra's message with a 'yes, got it today. I'll be there with Liam if that's okay?'

She didn't wait long to reply. 

Sure, bring him. I always liked the guy. Glad you'll be there. Dress nice. 

I smiled. 

"Hey Ali, guess you and I are going shopping then. Need to make me look good."

"Yeah or else no one will believe it's you."

"Ha. Ha."  I stuck my tongue out a dug in to pizza again. 


The End

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