Anna: I Love You To The Moon And Back!Mature

"I'll have the mushroom tagliatelle with a side of garlic bread please," I said to the waitress before snapping the menu shut and handing it back to the waitress.

"Garlic breath! Definitely not kissing you until you have brushed your teeth ," Megan teased crinkling her nose in mock disgust.

"You can't resist me!" I said, fluttering my eyelashes at her and smiling affectionately at her, "and besides, you like the smell of garlic so there!" I said sticking my tongue out at her!

"Aha, that's where you are wrong my dear girlfriend, I only like the smell and taste of garlic when I am drunk, its weird! Its like a drunken craving,"

"Well then, I might just have to get you drunk!"

"Or I could get you to just brush your teeth!"

At that moment our food arrived, Megan had ordered a bowl of pasta in a tomato and herb source which smelt beautiful, however I had eyes only for the mushroom tagliatelle and most importantly the garlic bread, a piece of which I grabbed eagerly and took a bite out of.

"Definitely not kissing you!" Megan said grinning as she tucked into her pasta.


"Well that certainly filled the space made when I burned those calories but I am now going to have to burn them again...." I said pulling Megan towards me and was just about to kiss her when she lifted her finger and placed it between our lips to prevent them from touching.

"I told you I wasn't kissing you with garlic breath," she said with a laugh,

"But I am sure you didn't mean it," I said as seductively as I can, standing close to Megan and swaying on the spot with her.

"Nope!" She said pulling away from me and grinning menacingly at me, not until you have brushed your teeth!" Megan persisted.

"I have a mint in my bag.... will that do?"

"How strong a mint?"


"Not strong enough,"

"Come on, you're killing me here!"

"Its funny how you said that I wouldn't be able to resist you and yet here I am resisting you," Megan teased.

"You are an evil woman!" I said, trying to pull her into a kiss again but again Megan dodged it,

"I've told you!" she whispered down my ear, her tone of voice clearly reflecting the immense joy Megan was having by depriving me of the one thing I wanted, which was her.


"Breathe" Megan demanded,

I breathed out and allowed her to smell my breath.

Megan smiled at me before grabbing me around my waist and pressed her lips firmly against mine,

"When I say, I will not do something unless you do something, I mean I will not do something unless you do something,"

"Well I will have to remember that and find a way to use this to my advantage!" I said kissing her neck lovingly.


"How are you feeling now?" Megan asked as she twirled a stand of my hair around one of her fingers, "Have I shown you yet that I am not going anywhere, and that you are stuck with me?" She asked smiling down at me.

"Yeah," I said grinning at her,

"No more worrying?" she asked,

"No more worrying," I replied, sitting up and giving her a swift kiss, "I love you so much!"

"Good, because I have got something for you. I was going to wait until we were settled in America before I gave it to you but I think you should have it now, as a solid reminder to you that no matter what, I will always love you Anna!"

"Its not an engagement ring is it?" I said looking alarmed,

"Oh god no! Imagine being tied to you for the rest of my life!" she joked,

"Oh I know, imagine.... bet there would be nothing worse!" I said, playing along.

Megan reached down and pulled out of her bag a small rectangular box which she handed to me. I took it and with trembling fingers I tugged on the ribbon which was wrapped around box which revealed a beautiful silver necklace with a circle charm which the words "I love you..." written on it,  next to the circle was a moon charm which said, "To the moon and back".

I had no words.

The necklace was just so beautiful, tears splashed onto my face as I picked it up to take a closer look, it was such a thoughtful gift.

"Hey, why the tears!" Megan asked softly,

"Its so beautiful Megan, I love it!"

"You are very welcome gorgeous! " she replied, kissing me.

I handed the necklace to Megan, turned my back on her and lifted up my hair, allowing her to put it on for me.

It was perfect!

Megan was perfect!

The End

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