Anna: Sex TherapyMature

"Can I ask you something?" Megan said as I laid with my head on her chest,


"Why do you not like to talk about your worries? You bottle everything up until it gets too bad,"

"Its just something I have always done,"  I said quietly, "I know its not the best coping strategy but I helps sometimes. I suppose i don't like the idea of inflicting my worries onto people,"

"But that's people like me and Cara and everyone else who cares for you is there for Anna, we care so much about you and like to be able to help you when you are worried."

"I know baby," I said, pulling myself up and giving Megan a loving kiss, "I know you are there for me and I know that you want to help when I am worried, I'm just no good with feelings," I said looking down at the floor so as to not look at Megan's beautiful eyes.

Megan turned my chin and kissed me, "what about these kind of emotions?" Megan asked before beginning to kiss my neck.

"Well...." I said my hands fumbling with the buttons of her top, undoing them as fast as I could and revealing my favourite black lace bra, which instantly made me want her more than I already did.

"I think.... I can ..... cope .... with these..... emotions" I said between kisses,

"I would hope so," Megan whispered before tugging off my top and unclipping my bra and reveal by breasts, I then followed suit, pulling off Megan's bra and beginning to trail kisses from her lips and across her breasts.

"I love you so much!" I breathed as Megan's fingers slid through my hair and I inhaled her sweet scent. It was as though Megan had this hold over me, the ability to calm any problem, any storm in a teacup by simply being there. I felt  Megan's hands slip beneath the waistband of my jeans and it wasn't long before I was moaning with intense orgasmic pleasure .... "Fuuuuuck Me!"

"I thought that's what I was doing? Megan said playfully, and I gave her a look before pulling her towards me, wrapping one arm around her neck and peppering her with tiny kisses whilst my free hand tugged on her jeans. Megan realising what I was trying to do gently kicked out and freed her legs from her jeans,  which revealed matching black laced underwear.

"Are you deliberately trying to make me want you more than life itself? I whispered in Megan's ear before nibbling it gently.

"What do you mean?" she asked,

"Just because you are you makes me need you, not want but need!" I said pulling her into me and allowing my hands to peruse Megan's body, her breathing deepened and she started to moan with pleasure the more I pleasured her.


I was content.

I was happy.

It was as though Megan had obliterated any worry that I had thought would be a massive problem  and shown me that there was nothing that we couldn't solve.

"The power of sex..." I sighed blissfully,

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I feel as though a weight has been physically been lifted from my shoulders, and I truly believe that you have some magic powers over me Megan Warwick! Sex with you just blows everything away.... all my worry and problems  and...

"...Are you implying that you are only with me for the sex?"

"Of course!" I said teasingly, "Your my sex slave, I have a problem and you give me sex to get rid of said problem!"

"Well what if I have a problem?" Megan said ....

"I suppose I have to give you sex if you have a problem," I said rolling over and straddling her,

"Well, how can I deny that!" Megan said grinning.


"I'm hungry..." I said whilst Megan and I lay on the bed thoroughly shattered,

"How on earth can you be hungry, you have just had mind blowing sex... you should be tired, not hungry!" Megan exclaimed.

"Sex burns about 144 calories per half an hour and we had sex twice, so I have burned 288 calories and therefore I am hungry!"

"Where did you learn that?" Megan asked chuckling slightly,

"I read it in a magazine so I don't know how true it is but it must have burned significant calories for me to be hungry as my stomach thinks my stomach has been cut!"

Megan laughed, "Okay baby, lets go out for some food!"

The End

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