Cara: Anna's WorriesMature

Anna was sitting on the sofa, Megan beside her, as I made us all cups of tea. Once I had handed them out and sat on the table in front of them so I could look at her and be close, she began to talk. 

"I'm just so concerned that everything will go wrong. What if we get to America and you hate it and want to come back? What if you feel trapped? What if I mess us up? And Cara, you're not over Sam, I know you're not. I don't want to leave you to deal with this without me. I know that sounds a bit self involved but I want to make sure you're okay."

"Honey, first of all, it's only a year." I replied. "It will fly by. Look at this year! And besides, it's not a real year, it's a uni year. And other than that, I'm not over Sam, but I did decide today how I'm going to proceed. I'm going to spend time on myself, but I'm going to reach out, apologise properly. I was an idiot and I have some growing up to do. But I think I can do that. And I want her to know that I am sorry. Then if nothing happens at least I tried and didn't just sit back and wallow in my own stupidity. So this isn't about me. It's about you. And it's natural to be nervous, but from what I've seen you and Megan are great together, so I think you'll be fine."

Anna smiled tearfully at me and then at Megan. 

"Yeah babe, we're great. And besides we were friends first so even if we did decide that this wasn't for us, which sounds crazy to me, we're both grown up enough to be friends anyway I think."

"Besides you'll both be too busy enjoying America to even think about us back here, or even to fight. You'll  be loved up and in Hollywood."

"But we're not going to-"

"-It rhymed okay Anna? It rhymed." I sighed dramatically. She chuckled and wiped her eyes.

"I keep having bad dreams about you leaving me." She said to Megan, snuggling in to her. 

"Your dreams are being stupid." Megan replied, murmuring in to Anna's hair as she peppered it with kisses. 

I smiled and got up, leaving them to it and wandering over to the window with my tea in my hand. I looked over the city, with Megan and Anna's quiet murmurings behind me, and my smile grew. My friends were happy. I could be happy. I thought about the letter I had begun writing before Megan had appeared at the house. It all seemed very Jane Austen but I thought Sam might appreciate it; she loved literature almost as much as I did. She had once done a show, she'd told me, which were all canvas pieces with lines from books ripped out and pasted on; each pieces had a theme such as emotional, inspirational, or devastation. I wished I had seen them, but Sam had shown them before I had met her, and had only kept one, which hung in her office. Hers was devastation, which had partly upset me because it had been her mindset at the time she bought it, but I was also in love with the piece. It held some of my favourite lines from Austen, Bronte, and poets like Plath and Poe. 

"Hey, you okay?" Anna appeared at my elbow. 

"I'm really good actually." I smiled, looking at her. "You two okay?"

"Better than ever."

"Good. Don't go keeping things to yourself in America Anna. If you have something on your mind you have to tell  her. Keeping it in is the only thing that is going to ruin your relationship." I winced slightly at the irony, but Anna just hugged me and promised that she would. "Good. Now I have to get back. I have apologies to make, and I haven't eaten yet."

"You're going to see Sam? I thought she was away?"

"She is. But I'm writing an apology letter. And after that I will see if she gets in touch and go from there."

"You realise that's the soppiest shit I've ever heard from you?"

"Coming from you, that's impressive." We both chuckled. "I thought it'd add a personal touch. Rather than dancing outside of her flat."

"Yeah... not in your condition."

"I'm getting there. I only have a couple more weeks before I can start doing exercise like dance. I'm going to ask Aimee if I can come back. Explain that I'm sorting myself out."

"That'd be nice."

"Yeah. Anyway, I'll go and leave you two to... prepare for America."

"Shut up Cara."  Anna shoved me gently and smirked. "How did your first day go by the way?"

"Good. Good." I said. "Right. Let me get out of your hair. Third wheeling here." I winked and jumped away from Anna's retaliating shove. I hugged her and Megan, and then left, walking home to my house with a smirk on my face. 

The End

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