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I came round on the floor, I had obviously toppled off the sofa onto the floor when I lost consciousness. It had been a real stroke of good luck that I hadn't clobbered my head on the coffee table which was only an arms length from the sofa. I must have only been unconscious for long  mere seconds as my cheeks were still  tear stained and my heart was still beating out a samba underneath my ribcage.  I grabbed hold of the arm of the sofa and used it to pull myself into a standing position which was made difficult by the fact that the whole room was spinning. When the orientation of the room had righted itself I shuffled into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and filled it with cool refreshing water which I sipped gently, trying to get my bearings and calm down.

I needed to stop all this unnecessary worrying, it was doing me no favours and if I wasn't careful it would make me ill. But how could I stop all this worrying when it was all I could think about? The only way I wouldn't worry was if I wasn't going but it was too late to cancel and I knew that despite my initial fears it would be worth it in the end.

I put down my empty glass and walked back over to where my phone lay abandoned on the coffee table and picked it up, even though I knew it was dead I instinctively pressed the power button and received nothing more than the battery symbol in return telling me that I needed to charge up my mobile.  I always kept my mobile charger plugged into the wall by my bedside table so it wasn't long before my phone gave a courteous beep of thanks  as I plugged it in and it began to charge.

I watched my phone charge momentarily, my eyes fixed to the little green bar filling and emptying and then filling once again. My head turned and I found myself looking at my coat and before I had thought about it I had crossed the room and pulled it on, a walk sounded like a good idea, it would help me to gather my thoughts , or so I hoped.

I inhaled the fresh air allowing them to fill my lungs, it was refreshing and very calming. I jogged across the road and into the park opposite which was filled with people, it was quite windy so it was therefore no surprise to see a collection of kites bobbing along in the sky, their owners tugging on their strings and laughing as the kite soared upwards on the wind. It reminded me of a time in my life when Cara and I were young and carefree and how blissful it was. I sat down on a nearby bench and watched the children playing with the kites and a beautiful memory swam into my mind.


It had been one of the hottest day of the summer and Cara and I were playing in a field near to where we both lived, we were both ten at the time and Cara had just found an old kite stored in her loft. The kite had belonged to her mother and after her parents had replaced the frayed string with a new one we had been allowed to go to the field and play with it. Cara had been making it do loops and running as fast as she can whilst the kite soared after her with the wind helping it on its way.

"Watch out Cara, the tree!" I had called but she was too far away to hear me and the kite became entangled in the tree. I ran towards Cara who was trying to tug the kite free but it was no use.

"How are we going to get it down?" Cara asked still trying to pull it free,

"I'll climb up and untangle it!" I said and before she could protest I had grabbed one of the lower branches, pulled myself up and had begun to climb the tree. I wasn't scared, I had climbed lots of trees and knew which branches were strong enough to hold my weight.

"Oooh be careful Anna!" Cara called, her eyes covered by her hands,

"Its okay Cara, you can look," I called back as I reached the branches where the kite had become tangled. I pulled the branch out of the way and released the kite which Cara tugged towards her.

"Well done Anna,"

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy!" I said with a grin as I begun to climb back down the tree, before I reached the bottom however my foot found something that wasn't a branch, it was in fact a tire which was attached to a rope which had also become entangled in the tree.

"What is it Anna?" Cara called,

"I've found what looks to be a tire swing, I just need to....." I stopped and tugged at the tire and it came loose, "Yes, I've got it!" I clambered onto the tire and kicked it out of the tree, the tire and I fell out of the tree, jolted upwards and then began to swing!

"Awesome Anna!" Cara said cheering!

"Isn't it just," I said stopping the tire so that Cara could climb onto the other side of the tire.

"What should I do with the kite?" Cara asked?

"Put your coat over it to stop it blowing away!" I suggested.

Cara pulled off her coat, dumped it onto the kite to stop it blowing away and hopped onto the tire swing. As we swung higher and higher Cara and I beamed at each other, a knowing beam, a smile that spoke a thousand words. We would always be best friends!


"Anna!" I heard someone shout from behind me, I turned to see Megan and Cara running towards me,

"We've been looking everywhere for you!" Megan said as they reached me, "You weren't in your flat and you weren't answering your phone!

"Sorry, I left it charging, I needed to go for a walk..." Cara sat down on the bench next to me ,

I looked towards the children playing with the kites and said to Cara,

"Do you remember that day we were playing with your mums old kite and we found that tire swing?"

"Of course I do how could forget it!"

"I'll never forget it!" I murmured

"Nor me Anna." We sat in silence for a few second remembering that day until Cara spoke,

"Anna, Are you okay? Megan came round and said she was worried about you and that you were stressing about America." In that moment words failed me, tears began to run down my cheeks and all I could do was shake my head.

"Come on, lets get you home!"Cara said wrapping an arm around me and leading me home.

The End

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