Cara: Baby PlansMature

"Oi! I'm back!" I cried, kicking open the door and staggering in with the shopping. "Why the hell do we need three fucking bottles of milk?"

"Because darling Cara, Ali is apparently craving milk and if we don't stock up there will be none for tea, hot chocolates and breakfast." Jak replied, feet up on a kitchen chair, without even glancing up at me. 

"Thanks for the help Jak." I threw back at him sarcastically, finally dumping the bags down and checking my fingers for damage. 

"Yeah no problem." He grinned, still not looking up from his laptop.

"What are you doing that is more important than saving my fingers?"

"Well, as vital as your fingers are to you and whoever you're sleeping with," he ducked the bag of toilet roll I threw at him, "I was actually looking at cots."

"Awww cute," I grinned, rubbing my hands and peering over his shoulder. "Neutral?"

"Yeah well we want it to be a surprise don't we?" 

"That one is adorable." I pointed. 

"That's what Ali said. She's downstairs by the way. She wants to speak to you about going shopping for baby stuff."

"Okay I'll pop down in a moment. Where's Liam?" 

"He's down there with her. They're watching tv."

"Okay, I'm going to go down there. And you can put all the stuff away." 

"Oka- wait what?" 

I laughed and shut the door before heading downstairs. 

"Hey guys." 

"Hey how was your first day?" Ali asked.

"It was okay."

"Okay?" Liam frowned. 

"Yeah. I mean it went really well but Myra was there."

"Oh... did she yell at you or something?"

"No... she's sending me an invitation to an art show actually. There one where they're showing the pictures of me."

"Oh... wow. Didn't see that coming."

"Neither did I."

"Are you going? I mean, has she run it passed Sam?" Liam asked. 

"It's not at her gallery." I replied quietly. "She won't be there either apparently... for good reason."

"I guess that makes sense. Do you need a hug?"

"No. I'm strangely okay. I thought I wouldn't be. But I thought about it while I was in the shops and I realised that I wouldn't want to see my ex's face all over the walls if she'd done what I did to Sam. I get it. And I know that I'll always regret it. But at some point I have to stop going over it and think about moving forward right? I'm not saying I'm over her. But I am going to concentrate on uni and work until it hurts less. Maybe one day I'll get up the courage to go and apologise to her in person. But I think I'll send her a letter, apologising. I have to try don't I?"

"Yes." Ali said. "I think you do."

"Bravo." Liam grinned. "Does that mean I'm no longer going to hear videos of our evil queen played in the night?" 

"Shut up." I laughed. "You make it sound dirty."

"It probably is." He winked. 

"Let's be honest, there's not a single person in this house who isn't attracted to that woman." Ali grinned. 

"Erm..." Liam said. 

"You're not?" We both asked, shocked. 

"She's hot yeah... I was just worried Cara was going to kill me if I said yes. She's protective."

"Shut. Up." I said, hitting him with a cushion and then turning to Ali. "Heard you wanna talk baby shopping?" 

"Yes. Yes I do."

"Okaaaaaay... you've got your business tone on. Should I be worried?"

Yes. Yes you should be." She grinned. "We are spending a whole day shopping for baby stuff. Jak doesn't want to do the clothes and toys stuff, he's took busy thinking about building door swings and things like that."

"You do realise that if he has a door swing in this house someone will get drunk and try to use it?"

"I thought late night parties were banned?"

"I never said it'd be late night. Or a party. I'm just saying one of us might go out and come back drunk."

"Then they'll have to fix it." Ali smirked and rubbed the small bump. "Anyway, we're going shopping and we have to find some maternity clothes for me too. Also, Jak's parents are coming to see us."

"WHAT?" Liam said. "Parents? In the party house? NO!"

"SHUT UP LIAM." We both laughed as he gasped dramatically and pretended to be offended. 

"So they're coming to meet their future daughter in law and blip huh??"

"Yup. I have to look nice. We're eating out, but the house has to look presentable."

"You sound like a housewife."

"Pfft, I'm not giving up a career."

"Girl power." I said, high fiving her. "Respect."

"Ugh, women." Liam chuckled and got up. "Right, I'm going to the gym. Enjoy your evening ladies. Don't forget I like dinner on the table when I get home." He ducked through the door as two cushions hurtled towards him. Ali and I chuckled and curled up on the sofa. I checked my phone and realised Anna hadn't texted me back. 

"Have you heard from Anna?" I asked. 

"No. Why?" Ali asked. 

"She's not texted me back... guess she's still getting ready for America."

"Is that what those two are calling it?" Ali winked. "I reckon they're having a day of hot sex to prepare for the lack of privacy they'll have right before they go. Everyone will want to spend time with them, so they're getting as much sex in as possible."

"You not getting any?" I winked. 

"I have plenty thank you." She snorted. "I've not reached the whale stage yet."

"Good to know. I'll keep my earplugs handy."

The End

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