Cara: ChangingMature

Anna and Megan appeared from my room looking ready to party and suspiciously happy. They hadn't been up here long enough to have sex, so they must have been making out a bit. I rolled my eyes as they headed downstairs hand in hand, and slipped in to my room to change myself. 

I gently placed my fingers on the black dress that so long ago had sparked Sam's attention at her art evening. The material felt soft under my skin, but the memories were anything but gentle. I remembered Sam's face when she first saw the dress, the way her eyes had flicked down me eagerly, greedily, and how she had spent the rest of the night trying to keep her hands from touching me... I felt the tears dripping before I worked out that I was crying. It wasn't the harsh, empty and raw howling that had ripped from my chest before. The tears dripped silently from the trails down my cheeks on to the t-shirt I wore and with each of them I remembered how much she had loved me before I betrayed her trust. She had let me in to her home, her life...

I sat on my bed, releasing the dress and letting it sway on its hanger in my wardrobe. I wrapped my arms around my legs and pulled them up to my chest. The music blared downstairs and drowned out the hammering of my heart. It almost drowned out the knocking on my door. 

"I'm not dressed!" I called, trying to keep my voice as level as possible. 

"Are you decent?" Liam's voice called back. I glanced down at myself, clad only in my underwear. 


"Well get decent. You're missing the party." I took a deep breath and brushed the remaining tears from my face. 

"Give me a minute." I replied, going to my mirror and redoing my make-up. When I thought it wasn't obvious I'd been crying I grabbed my red bodycon dress and slipped in to it. "Still there Liam?"

"Obviously. I need a skirt!" He called. I smirked and opened the door. 

"So out of completely non related curiosity, is that how long it takes for a girl to cover up that she's been crying?" He asked, leaning against the door frame with a kind look on his face. 

"Don't know what you're talking about." I shrugged. 

"Cara, I know you. You're my sister. Without the whole sibling rivalry, falling out thing. You were upset in the supermarket, Anna and Megan just came down all lovey dovey and Ali and Jak just got engaged. If you weren't a little upset you'd be a robot."

I blinked and tried not to cry again. Instead I replied dryly,

"You're going to ruin my carefully constructed make-up."

"You look great." He grinned. 

"Thanks bro." I smiled and he pulled me in for a bear hug. 

"It's fine to not be over her you know."

"I was the one in the wrong. I don't deserve to get sympathy."

"Two hearts got broken in all of that Cara. One of them was yours. I'd say since you've realised you were an idiot you deserve a little sympathy." I shook my head against his chest. "Yes Cara. Just a little." He kissed the top of my head. "Now are you ready?"

"Hair." I replied, blinking rapidly to stop any tears threatening my eyes. 

"It looks nice."

"No, Anna got me extensions. I'm wearing them." I went over and began clipping them in. 

"I will never understand you girls and your hair."

"It's where we draw our magical powers from."

"So now you're growing it your super power is going to get stronger?"

"Yes." I laughed. 

"Damn. I don't know if I can deal with a super annoying Cara. I can barely cope with the regular annoyance."  He ducked to avoid the cushion I threw at him and chuckled. "There's my girl."

"You're such a big brother."

"Someone has to be."

"I'm glad it's you." 

"Me too. Come on. Let's show everyone how amazing you look."

"You know this isn't about me right? It's about Jak and Ali and Blip."

"And while I am incredibly happy for them, you need to get a bit of attention to remind you that the world doesn't stop after a break up."

"Sometimes it feels like it has." I murmured as we made our way downstairs. 

"Well it hasn't. And who knows what's going to happen? But right now, party and try and get a bit of carefree Cara back."

I nodded and slipped my arm around his back for comfort. We reached the bottom of the stairs and I immediately grinned at the sight of Jak and Ali dancing in the middle of a group of friends. 

"Didn't realise the wedding was happening now." I muttered and Liam laughed. 

A few hours later and everyone was debating going out. I knew I shouldn't; I really wanted to, but I knew it wouldn't be a good idea. Liam was wasted, the table cloth wrapped around his boxer clad bottom to imitate the skirt he hadn't been able to fit in. He was twisting his hips and having fun with Kay, dancing to single ladies. Not for the first time I wondered if Liam did have a thing for the guy, or whether it was just that he suddenly became a lot more feminine around the drag queen.

"I need sleep." Ali complained, leaning against me. 


"You should really go out and show off that dress."

"I really don't think I can." 

Anna came over. 

"Megan and I are going back to mine. I'll change and leave the dress Cara, it's too cold to walk back in it."

"Well it is almost September." Ali reminded us. 

"Oh my god. Anna you're leaving soon!" I said. It finally sank in just how soon Anna's trip to America was. 

"I know... I can't believe it!" She replied. Megan appeared and whispered something in Anna's ear which made her giggle. "Uh... yeah I'm going to go and change Cara. Congrats again Ali!" She gave her a big hug and then ran up the stairs. Megan glanced at us and smiled. 

"I'll see if she needs a hand-"

"Oh no you don't!" I grinned. "I know you two were making out earlier, you're not being alone in my room."

Megan blushed bright red and ducked her head. 

When everyone had gone, and Liam and I had convinced Ali and Jak that we would tidy tomorrow, I collapsed on my bed, thankful that I only had to work in the afternoon the next day. 

The End

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