Anna: Helped Into A DressMature

"Liam no, not that track its depressing," I said hurrying over to where he was crouched at looking at the back of the cd case as what music there was to choose from.

"How about that one?"

"God no!" Liam said scrunching his nose in disgust, "Its too girly,"

"What's too girly?" Ali asked as she and Cara descended the staircase,

"Liam thinks the song Jinxed is too girly," I said,

"Nooooo Liam, its one of my favourites and Blips too,"

"I'm siding with Liam on this one, not one of my favourites," Cara chimed in, "But since its Ali's favourite song I think we should at least allow it to play once Liam... Don't you?"

"I suppose so," he admitted sulkily before switching the track and heading to the other side of the room to help Jak and Callum blow up some balloons for the party.

"Do you need any help with the food at all or are we just going to order in big pizzas?" I asked Cara,

"I think as people get hungry we will just gather money from everyone and order a few eighteen inch pizzas,"

"Yeah that sounds like a plan," I agreed, following Cara into the corridor as she went to answer the door to the first guests who were beginning to arrive.  Megan was amongst the crowd of guests waiting to enter the party and when she caught sight of me she pulled me close to her and allowed me to plant a rather passionate kiss on her.

"You look beautiful as ever," I remarked gazing at the gorgeous black dress she had donned for the occasion.

"Well its an engagement party, I couldn't come in jeans and a t shirt, I...." she paused looking at what I was wearing which was indeed jeans and a shirt.

"Are you wearing that?" she asked tentatively,

"No, I was planning on asking Cara or Ali if I could borrow one of theirs since I haven't had a chance to go back home and change.

"Ahh okay then," she said , "Not that you don't look sexy in what your wearing now but..."

"But I don't look sexy..." I teased as we headed back inside,

"No, I wasn't going to say that and you know I wasn't," Megan said pulling me in for another kiss and nibbling on my lower lip affectionately.

"Do you want to help me choose a dress?"

"Of course, go and ask Cara or Ali now," she ordered shooing me away.

I weaved through the crowd of people surrounding Ali and Jak who were opening cards and hugging their guests until I spotted Cara sitting in the corner with Liam. I plopped myself into the empty seat next to Liam,

"Hey you two,"

"Hey," both Liam and Cara replied in unison before allowing silence to fall, I guessed that I had caught them in the middle of a conversation which they didn't want to finish whilst they had company so I decided to be as quick as I could in asking Cara so that they could finish their conversation.

"Hey Cara, I was just wondering if I could borrow one of your dresses for the party, I haven't had chance to go home and change?"

"Yeah sure Anna, I need to change into a dress too so just go up and find that you like,"

"Thanks," I said smiling at her and heading towards the stairs where Megan was waiting for me.

"What did she say?"

"Just go and pick one... come on!" I said grabbing her hand and yanking her up the stairs. We were about half way up the stairs when Callum shouted after us,

"No hanky panky you two!"

"What do you take us for!" I called back as we reached the top of the stairs and heading towards Cara's room.  I pulled open Cara's wardrobe and perused the dresses hanging there,

"I think you should wear this one," Megan said,  pulling out a long plum coloured dress,

"Yeah, I love that one, I grinned taking the dress off Megan and holding it against my body and looking in the mirror.

"Yes, this one.... do you want to help me put it on?" I asked her approaching her and wrapping my arms around her. Megan grabbed the dress from me and hung it on the wardrobe door before returning, pulling me close to her and pressing her soft lips to mine. We moved backwards so that my back was pressed up to the door to Cara's room and Megan's hands began to peruse my body, tugging at my top and pulling it over my head, unclipping my bra and sliding it down my arms and finally fumbling with the button of my jeans. I breathed in her scent and my heat quickened, I felt Megan's hand slip beneath my underwear and immense pleasure overwhelmed me.

Then the door jolted and I heard Cara's voice from behind it,

"Hey have you locked the door or something? You decent Anna?"

I pulled away from Megan, grabbed my clothes from the abandoned pile on the floor and began to pull on the dress, "I'm just putting on the dress now, give me a moment!"

"Okay Anna, I'll wait outside. Which one did you go for?"

"um...The long purple one!" I called back

"Awesome, I always thought that dress would suit you,

"I'm nearly ready," I called as I pulled the dress over my head,

"Okay I'm decent"

I gave Megan a look to tell her to move away from the door to let Cara in but before she did I placed a finger to my lips to indicate that we shouldn't mention what just happened to anyone, I doubted very much that Cara would like the fact that we nearly had sex in her room.

"This party is going to be fun don't you think Cara?"

The End

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