Cara: ProposalMature

We were still squealing when Jak knelt down and pulled the little box out of his jacket. 

"It's okay if  you don't want to; I can wait. But I wanted to give you the ring anyway to show you that I'll always be here for you and for Blip." 

"You know this child isn't going to be called Blip right?" Ali interrupted. 

"Yes babe." Jak rolled his eyes. "I know. So will you marry me sometime in the future when we're not up to our eyeballs in diapers and dissertations?"

"Yes." Ali replied and let him slide the ring on to her finger. 

"AAAAAAAHHHHHH!" Anna screamed and we gave them about two seconds to hug each other and get a kiss in before we swamped them with hugs and congratulations. "Oh my god Ali, you're getting married!" 

"I know! I can't believe it!" She grinned, still holding tight to Jak while we hugged her. 

"Congrats you two!" I gave them both a hug. 

"What will our fans do when they find out you're married?" Liam joked. 

"Dude, I just got engaged." Jak gave him a shove. "And it's not like I was available before."

"Good answer!" Ali laughed. "Come on, let's go home. We should celebrate."

"Some non-alcoholic drinks coming your way!" Jak grinned, holding his arm out for Ali to take. 

"You should've gotten engaged ages ago; who knew you could be a gentleman." Liam smirked then took off across the car park with Jak in tow. Ali rolled her eyes.

"My fiance everybody!" 

We piled in to the van laughing and headed to the shops to grab supplies for a makeshift party. 

"I want non-alcoholic kopparberg." I grabbed some bottles and put them in the trolley, while the guys grabbed some beer and a bottle of vodka. Anna grabbed some tequila, despite protests, and Ali began calling some of her uni friends to invite them round that evening. Jak was doing the same. 

"Hey, are you alright?" Anna asked, grabbing me as Liam and Jak piled snacks in to the trolley. 

"Yeah why?" I asked, throwing some chocolate profiteroles in. 

"I just... I figured it might upset you a little. I know you were thinking about the future not too long ago."

"Oh. Yeah." I shrugged and turned away, pretending to study the cookie selection. "Hadn't even thought about it."

"Really?" I nodded. "Okay. How'd the induction go?"

"Yeah really well. The manager likes me and she's putting me on the rota beginning next week."

"Awesome! Working girl now."

"Yeah. it'll keep me preoccupied." 

"I thought you said you weren't thinking about her?" Anna frowned as I turned back with some rolo cookies and double chocolate ones. 

"I meant while you're away doofus."

"What are you two talking about?"

"My new job." I covered as Liam flung his arm around me. 

"Oh yeah, working girl! What's the uniform like? Sexy?" He grinned and I elbowed him. 

"Not particularly. Unless you like that white blouse, black skirt look."

"I could get in to it." He chuckled. "Maybe we should make it the new band uniform?"

"I don't think any of you have the legs for it." I laughed. I loved talking to Liam. He made everything normal. Talking to Anna about emotions meant there were emotions and I didn't want there to be. Liam just made it feel like everyday conversations every time he talked. I was glad he'd interrupted. 

"So, we party, we play music, maybe if I'm drunk I'll see if I have the legs for a skirt..." Liam winked at me as we all left the shop, "and then tomorrow we'll just have to sleep it off." 

"I like the sound of that." I grinned, "although since Ali and I won't be drinking I suspect we won't really  be sleeping it off."

"Oh I fully intend to sleep anyway." Ali grinned, rubbing her tummy. "I have only just gotten over morning sickness and I want as much sleep as possible before Blip appears."

"Yeah because you're not getting any when baby Blip does." Anna reminded her.

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Ali rolled her eyes, grinning. "I really don't know how I'm going to do it, what with uni as well."

"We'll all be helping, and I'm taking the same course so that's okay. We still have to send our module choices through so how about the boys and Anna set up the party, and Megan when she gets here, and we'll look at the options and choose?"

"Sure. Sounds like a plan. I really want to take the childhood module."

"Oh my god me too. It looks so interesting."

"Well at least that'll be two hours a week when Jak has to change diapers." 

"Hey, woah! I used to help with my brother and sisters all the time; I'm not afraid of diapers." Jak butted in. 

"Good to know. I'll remind you of that when Blip wakes us at three in the morning and you have a nine am lecture." Ali teased. 

We all laughed and talked about the party for the rest of the way home. 

"Okay well we're heading upstairs to choose our modules!" I told the rest when we'd finished unloading the van. "See you guys in a bit?"


Ali and I headed upstairs and sat on my bed with my laptop. 

"I like the sound of creative writing." I pointed it out. 

"Not my kind of thing. I want to do American Lit though."

"Okay, so you do that and I'll do creative; we're both doing childhood and that just leaves two more options each since the others are mandatory."

"Well American is in both terms and I'd like to do both, so I think I'll do... feminism in term one." She rubbed her tummy. 

"Yeah I thought that one was interesting but I want to do Shakespeare in third year so I have to do restoration and renaissance. So that's creative, childhood, and r and r for me, and childhood, american and feminism for you. Sounds good. And you know I'll go to any seminars or lectures you might miss if they don't clash with mine."

"You don't have to!"

"Well that way I can learn extra stuff." I grinned as music started up downstairs. "I think they're probably doing more dancing than setting up for a party down there."

"Probably. Come on, we'd better go and organise them." Ali laughed and quickly sent off our module choices before heading downstairs to help set up the party. 

The End

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