Anna: Ali's Twelve Week ScanMature

I listened to band practice for a while, tapping my fingers in time with the music that they played. I had to admit that they were getting pretty good now, I had been unsure at first as to how dedicated to the band they would all be what with university and other commitments but they were doing a damn good job of making sure that they always had time for their music.

"You guys should try out for Britain's Got Talent!" I said after they finished playing one of their newest songs 'Keep Blossoming',  I can just imagine the Peter Dickson...."

"Peter who?" Liam asked, struggling to keep a straight face,

"Peter Dickson..." I said and everyone laughed,

"Poor bloke with a surname like that!" Jak chuckled, "Who is he anyway?"

"He is the voice over man from The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent... What I was trying to say was that I could just imagine him introducing Breakthrough to thousands of people!"

"Yeah that would be amazing!" Cara said with a far away look on her face, I could tell that she was imagining it too, "but we still have a LOT of work to do before we are ready for Britain's Got Talent, so we need to crack on," Cara continued enthusiastically!

"Woah guys we have a little slave driver here, Yes boss, right away boss" Jak teased, earning himself a cushion in the face from Cara.

"Well, I'm going to make tracks now anyway guys and leave you to your music," I said putting down my empty mug on the table. Have fun!" I said getting to my feet, giving Cara a quick hug and heading up the stairs.

I was just about the leave the house where I spotted Ali sitting in the kitchen looking at a piece of paper, I doubled back on myself and headed towards the kitchen.

"Hey, I was just heading off. You okay?" I said popping my head round the door to the kitchen,

"Yeah..." she replied unconvincingly still not taking her eyes off the sheet of paper she was looking at.

"What's that?" I asked coming into the room and slipping into the seat next to Ali,

"Its my twelve week scan appointment, its tomorrow."

"Well that's good, you can see how much blip has grown,"

Ali sighed.

"What's wrong Ali,"

"I'm just nervous is all. I can remember when my mum was pregnant, I was about sixteen years old at the time and I came to her twelve week scan with her. I was so excited at the prospect of seeing my little brother or sister on the monitor. The day came and my mum, dad and me all went in to the little room in the hospital where the nurse put the jelly on my mums tummy and started to look for the baby's heartbeat and...." Ali breathed in a sob, "...and the nurse couldn't find it!"

"Ali that's awful!" I said pulling her into a hug as she started to cry,

"Ever since I got the appointment through I've been having nightmares about that day. I've been terrified that it might happen to me. My mum and dad were heartbroken when the nurse told them that they couldn't find the heartbeat and I was devastated that I had been denied a sibling."

"Oh Ali," I said pulling her closer to me, I could hear in the background Cara singing her heart out to a song.

"Well first off Ali, have you felt blip move today?" I asked and Ali nodded into my shoulder.

"Well then Ali! At least we know that Blip is still with us.

"Will you and the others come with me tomorrow for moral support?"

" Is Jak coming with you tomorrow?!

Yeah but still..."

"Of course I will and I am almost sure that the others will come too!" I said giving her another hug. My heart went out to her, her hormones are all over the place and to have experienced the loss of a baby even if it wasn't hers must have made this a lot harder for her."

"Thanks Anna, it means a lot to me and to Blip too!" she said putter her hand on her stomach,  where there was definitely a small bump.


Ali's twelve week scan wasn't until half two in the afternoon, which was lucky because Cara had her induction at the restaurant that morning and I had some emails to send. Jak, Ali, Cara, Liam and I met at the hospital and headed in together. The desk assistant in the ultrasound department got a bit of a shock when five people all crowded round her desk whilst Ali passed her appointment letter to her.

"I don't think she was expecting five people to arrive for one ultrasound," Liam laughed as we sat down in the waiting room and several of the other patients glanced in our direction, obviously just as baffled as the desk assistant at the number of people who had come with Ali.

"Miss Webb? If you would like to come with me," said a young nurse about ten minutes later,

Ali got to her feet and so did Jak but Liam, Cara and I stayed sitting which made Ali look back at us with confusion on her face.

"You and Jak go in Ali! We will be right here waiting when you come back out."


"Ali, its a special moment which should be shared by just the parents. We will all be right here waiting," Cara said getting up and giving her a comforting hug before sitting back down.


It was a very long thirty minutes and hardly anyone spoke, all of us were just anxious to know how blip was doing. Finally Ali and Jak emerged with wide grins on their faces and holding a scan photo.

"How did it go?" I asked, peering at the scan photo which showed a big blob of which I could just make out the head and the bum.

"It went fine, strong heartbeat and its looking like its going to be a big baby," said Jak who was positively beaming at all of us!

"Come here, proud dad!" Liam said shaking his hand and patting his back in congratulations before we all turned and began to make our way out of the hospital.

"So, what are you wanting, a boy or a girl?" I asked excitedly,

"I'm not fussed as long as its a healthy baby,"

"Here's to a healthy baby Webb!" I said holding up a pretend glass to toast the occasion,

"Baby Webb?" Jak said, stopping in his tracks, "I would have thought it would be baby Crawford?"

"I think it should be baby Armitage after me!" Liam joked.

"Why would it be a Crawford Jak?" Ali asked.

"Well, hopefully by the time the baby is born you will be on your way to becoming a Crawford too."

There was silence for several minutes whilst everyone's brains caught up with what had just been said.

"Wait.... What? Do you mean what I think you mean?" Ali asked

"I do."

The End

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