Cara: Once Upon A TimeMature

I curled up in my bed, knowing the sun had risen, but unwilling to get up. My pillow was on top of my face, and I didn't have the energy to move it. I kept thinking about how close I'd been to seeing Sam last night. How awful it would've been to have our first meeting after everything in a club. 

A knock at the door broke through my train of thought and I groaned. 

"Ugh, what?"

"For someone that didn't drink last night you definitely sound worse than me." Anna's hungover voice broke through my pillow as she entered the room. "Turned in to a vampire?"

"The light wakes me up. I want to sleep. Forever."

"Probably not the best idea. Some people might miss you. Not me of course, I won't be here long enough." I would have stuck my tongue out if I wasn't so desperate to preserve myself under the pillow. "Budge up, I brought toast." 

My stomach rumbled and I groaned. 

"Fine." I threw the pillow off my face and blinked at all the light in the room. When my eyes finally adjusted I saw Anna and a giant plate of toast. There were two mugs on the side and, thank god, they were hot chocolate. "Gimme." I muttered as I shifted aside to let Anna sit on my bed. She put the plate down between us and passed me a mug. I hugged it to me gratefully and then took a piece of toast. 

"So, why'd you leave so early?" Anna asked. I sighed, my toast interrupted by memories of last night. 

"Jak told me Sam was there. Besides I was exhausted. I need to get myself fighting fit again before a proper night out I think."

"Yeah...." Anna murmured, suddenly preoccupied. 


"Huh? Oh, nothing." Her cheeks reddened. 

"Try again." I frowned. 

"I saw Sam." She sighed. 


"She looked..."


"... emotional."

"Oh." I stared down at my hot chocolate, half hoping it would swallow me up. "But... she wasn't... she didn't...?" I glanced at her desperately, unable to ask any of the questions I wanted answered. Did she have someone with her? Was she getting drunk, partying with cute girls...?

"She wasn't carting around a girlfriend if that's what you're asking. I just met her briefly in the toilets. She looked... dark."

"Like... tanned?"

"No, like vampire black leather and denim kind of thing."

"Oh." I could imagine Sam in her favourite black leather jacket, perhaps her black jeans... she'd always looked so sexy in those- "Did she... did she mention me?"

Anna sighed. 

"She asked if you were better."

A burning light of hope hit my heart. 

"She did? What- what did you say?"

"I said you were getting there."

"Did she say anything else?"

"No. She left kind of suddenly."

"Oh..." The burning light extinguished itself as quickly as it had appeared. I drooped in to my chocolate and sat silently for a moment. "Anna?"


"Can you... can you give me a minute? I want to be alone for a bit."

She nodded sadly and stood up. 

"I'm taking the toast." She said playfully, in an attempt to cheer me up. 

I nodded and let her go before putting my chocolate on the side and sinking back in to bed to cry in to my pillow. 


"Cara?" There was a knock on my door. "Can I come in?"

"Yes, shush!" 

Anna peeked her head in and frowned. I was still in bed, had found a tub of Ben and Jerry's and was watching the screen of my laptop. 

"What are you-"

"-Ssssssshhhh!" I hushed her, concentrating on the tv show I'd discovered. I felt Anna rolling her eyes before she sat down. 

"What are you watching?"

"Oh my god, ssssshhhh!" I hushed her, shoving the ice cream in her general direction and staring at the screen. On the screen the clock hand moved for the first time in twenty eight years, and the credits rolled. "Whoop! That was awesome!" I grinned. 

"What was?"

"It's called Once Upon A Time. It's about these fairytale characters that get cursed in to our world and don't know who they are, except for the Evil Queen who did it  who is totally hot by the way, and then the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming arrives in the town because her son that she gave away for adoption comes to find her and when she stays time begins to move again." I paused and took a huge breath. "It's AWESOME." 

"I only got about half of that. Something about a hot Evil Queen?"

"Oh my gosh, you would not believe."

"So I see you're coping well." She raised an eyebrow. I frowned at her. 

"Ben, and Jerry, and Regina. That's what I need right now. That and a job."

"I thought you had an interview the other day?"

"Yeah, working at this fancy restaurant in town. Waitressing and bar staff, but the pay is good."

"Well that'd be fun."

"Fun? No. Ben, Jerry, and Regina are fun. A job is a job."

"I'm guessing this Regina is the Evil Queen?"

"Anna I swear you  have to watch it. Although you'll probably like Emma..."

"Emma is hot too?"

"Not my type but yeah... besides she's the daughter of Snow and Charming so..."

"... Cara, despite the utter ruin of last night, you definitely need to get out more."

"No, you know what I need? I need to watch this, eat crap, and then get back on the horse tomorrow. And guess what? I think everyone should. In fact, I could go buy it... oh my gosh, I'll buy the DVD's and then we can all watch on the tv..."

Anna laughed and gave up. 

"Fine. But from the start."

"Sure, I'll watch that again!" I grinned and rolled out of bed. "Okay, shower and dressed, then dvd."

"And since this is the most determined I've seen you in a while, and my hangover has worn off, I might just join you."

"I am not sharing my shower weirdo."

"In to town." She raised an eyebrow, smirking. 

"Oh. Okay. Let me get ready!" I called and ran out of the room. I heard Anna heading downstairs, no doubt to tell the others of my new insanity. 

But I couldn't help it. I'd needed something to cheer me up and Once Upon A Time had caught my attention. Besides, it  helped keep my mind off of Sam... 

And once more my mood went down. I stood in the shower and cried silently. I would cry it out, and then go and find OUAT on DVD and do a marathon.

Then tomorrow would be another day. 

The End

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