Anna: Passion In A CubicleMature

A few drinks in my system was definately a good thing, i hadnt been out properly in quite a while and i me and the rest of the gang needed to let our hair down . Cara had decided against dancing and was sitting with Liam, I grabbed Megan's arm and dragged her into the sea of people bobbing to the loud music. I pulled Megan close to me and began to dance, the drinks were beginning to hit my system now and I felt slightly less self conscience about not really being able to dance and so allowed my body to move to the sound of the music.  A few moments later I felt something push up from behind me, something moving up and down to the music. I whirled around to see a guy about my age facing me with a boyish grin on his face.

"Hello georgeous!" I heard him shout over the music, pulling me from Megan and towards him, he obviously thought that Megan was just a friend.

"Erm....Hi," I said awkwardly, pushing him away but in his drunken state I dont think he understood the subtle hint.

"I'm David, whats your name sweetheart?" he slurred, his breath reaking of alcohol and cigarette smoke.

"Sarah...." I said, deciding that it would be stupid to tell him my real name,

"Well then Sarah, how about you and me go somewhere a little quieter and get intimate?" he suggested crudely, grabbing my hand and placing it on his crotch, I could tell even through the material that he had a hard on.

"Sorry mate, 'Sarah' is taken," I heard Megan shout from behind before tipping me backwards and giving me a very passionate and intimate kiss which i recipricated, thankful that she has saved me from this jerk.

"WOOOO LESBIAN ACTION!" David shouted before stumbling into the crowd, knocking into a table as he left.

"Thanks for saving me there, my hero!" I said kissing Megan again,

"Where is my reward?" Megan asked, a cheeky smile on her lips,

"Well if you would like to come with me, I'm sure I can rustle something up!" I said taking her hand in mind and leading her out of the crowd, up some stairs and into the bathroom which was strangely quiet after the loud music.

I turned to face her and before we knew it we were kissing, with such lust and passion that you would have thought that we had been apart for years. I pushed her backwards and into a cubicle, locking it behind us. I was then pushed into the locked door by Megan as she kissed me, her tongue caressing my lips. I inhailed her scent and entwined my fingers in her hair, I never wanted this moment to end, it was love like i had never felt before, not with Leanne, Ali or even Cara. My heart was pounding so fast in my chest, threatening to break the bounds of my ribcage and burst out.

"I bloody love you," I breathed, pushing my lips firmly against hers and snaking my hands down her dress, she was fumbling with the buttons on my dress, exposing the black bra which i was wearing, then tugging that to one side so that my breast was fully exposed. I slipped my hands downwards, manuvouring them beneith her tights and underwear. A satisfied groan from Megan told me that I had hit the right spot.

"Oh Yeah thats good!" she groaned, she bent down and began to caress my breast with her lips, sucking seducivaly on my nipple and making me gasp in pleasure. We moved backwards and we both jumped out of our skin as the toilet flushed , Megan it appeared had accidently flushed the toilet.  It was an extremely funny way to ruin the moment yet ruin the moment it did as we both burst into gails of laughter, so much so that we didnt hear the door go.

"Anna?" a voice called after a few moments,

"Erm.....?" I called back trying to work out who it was whilst sorting myself out by buttoning up the buttons Megan had undone. Megan was doing the same.

"Is that you? Only your bag is outside the cubicle... Just so you know."

I poked my head out of the cubicle and saw Sam standing there wearing a black tank top, some black skinny jeans and a leather jacket , "Hello Sam," I said coming out of the cubicle and reaching for my bag which i had dumped on the floor.

"Oh... Sorry. I, erm... Didn't know you had company. Hey Megan."

"Hi Sam," she said looping her arm through mine, and threading her fingers through mine,

"How have you been?" I asked gently,

Sam sighed and leaned against the counter looking upset, "I've been better, how are you?"

"We're good thanks Sam. Cara misses you!" i said in a feeble attempt to try and fix their broken relationship but Sam turned to face the mirrors with her head bent over the sinks.

"Is she.... Is she better?" she asked,

"Yeah, shes getting there. Shes taking everything steady.... Do you.... do you think there is any way back for you both?" I asked gently but this was obviously the wrong thing to ask as Sam took a deep breath in before saying,"I've got to go, have a good night" before tearing out of the bathroom.

"Sam!" I called after her trying to run after her but after a few moments she was lost in the crowd and impossible to see.

"Shit!" I shouted stamping my foot like a young child, "Why the fuck did i ask that! Come on, lets go find the others!"

We found Callum fifteen minutes later but no sign of Cara or Liam, it transpired that they had gone home.

"Great!" I muttered.

The End

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