Anna: ChangesMature

“Look, I’ll come with you tomorrow Cara and everything will be okay, I promise you” I comforted Cara, hugging her tightly. I had never seen Cara this broken before, it was as though she was a jigsaw and Sam had been that last piece.

“Thanks Anna,” she said with a small smile

“You know, its going to be lonely not having you here, I’ll miss it!” I commented and Cara laughed softly,

“Nonsense Anna, you have Megan to keep you company, plus with America coming up fast, you will still have tons to do I expect…. Plus, now you both can have sex as loud as you want without fear of waking me up or me walking in on you both!” Cara pointed out and we burst into fits of laughter.

“Hey, It was Megan that wanted it at silly o’clock in the morning, I was still half asleep…. I was bullied into having sex,” I said sticking out my bottom lip.

“I didn’t hear you complaining….”

“Well….” I blushed, “Shes very …..”

“Do not want to know what Megan is like in bed thank you! Horrible visual image now,” she said sticking her fingers in her ears so that she couldn’t hear what I was going to say.

I moved her hands away from her ears and quickly said, “I was going to say persuasive actually,” before sticking my tongue out at her. 

“Suuuuure you were Anna,”

“I was, I swear I was,”

“Suuuure,” Cara said with a giggle.

We sat in silence for a moment before bursting into laughter again,

“I’ll miss you living with me Cara!” I said, turning on the sofa to face her, “Makes me regret being a stupid cow and making you choose,”

“Hey, that’s all in the past,” she said before giving me a wide grin, “Anyway, were cool now,”

“Yeah! Everything is changing though, don’t you think,”

“You’re right about that Anna, and I cant tell if it is for the better or not…” she took a slurp of tea before continuing, “I lose my girlfriend due to my own stupidity and there is no way I can get her back, my best friend is jetting off to America  and I’m just ... here,” she finished sighing.

“Hey, everything will work out fine in the end and as for me jetting off, I will be on skype to you half the time anyway so you won’t even notice that I’m gone!”

“I suppose,” she said taking another slurp of tea and sighing,

“Hey, this will cheer you up,” I said grabbing for my bag which was sitting on the floor and beginning to rummage inside it. “Whilst I was out I spotted how horrible my hair colour was at the moment, its all dark blonde roots,”

“Yeah?” Cara said interested,

“Anyway since I am feeling very adventurous I figured now was a good time to try something a little crazy.”

“Okay???” Cara repeated “How crazy?” she asked and I handed her a shopping bag which I had pulled from my bag. She opened it and lifted out the box inside with a confused but interested look on her face.

“Red? You’re dying your hair red, are you crazy?”


“You do realise that red is the hardest colour to get out of your hair right?

“Yeah, I know that but I think it will look quite good,”

“On your own head Anna,” Cara said chuckling slightly.


I stood in front of the mirror with a towel on my head, I had taken the plunge, I had dyed my hair red and now was the time to see what it looked like, even if it was still wet. I whipped the towel off my head, wiped the condensation off the mirror and tried to get a good look at my freshly dyed hair. At least it didn’t look horrible.

“I think its turned out okay you know Cara,” I called through the bathroom door,

“That’s good Anna, I am quite interested to see what it looks like so hurry up and get it dried,”

“I’m going as fast as I can woman!” I said in a playfully annoyed tone, grabbing the towel again and towel drying my hair.

After about twenty minutes of constant drying, my newly dyed hair resembled the hair colour the model on the front of the box was showcasing, it was a cherry red colour which stood out but wasn’t too bright.

“Come on Anna!” Cara called,

“Alright, I’m coming out now,” I called, “I think its turned out quite nicely and I’m pleased with it,”

“Well don’t leave me in suspense Anna!” she replied just as I opened the door. She took one look at me and her jaw hit the floor,

“I’m hoping that’s a good shocked Cara,” I said hesitantly, shuffling my feet as I waited for a reply from a speechless Cara.

The End

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