Cara: RoomMature

I woke up the next morning glad that I had a plan for the next few days. Having something to do would take my mind away from- 

I must have fallen asleep while Anna was in the shower because I didn't remember her getting out. So now I slipped in there, washed, and came out of the room just in time to see Anna furiously tearing through her packed suitcase, looking for her straighteners. 

"Ha, knew it!" I said as I rubbed my hair. It wouldn't dry as fast any more, not now it was getting some length to it. 

"No fair!" She moaned glancing round. I laughed even harder. "Look at my fringe!" It was sticking up  everywhere; clearly she'd messed with it while asleep. 

"Oh I think the cow-lick suits you."

She stuck out her tongue and proceeded to fake grump about her hair until she found her straighteners. 

"Do NOT mention this to Liam."

"Why not? We were right, we should crow about it."

"Cara..." She glared, trying to be menacing. 

"Not gonna work grumpy pants. I'm so telling."

"Don't make me hurt you."

"Even recovering from surgery I can still take you."

"Sure, sure."

"I have to get ready to go help Liam and Jak clear out the room." I said as I  grabbed my bag and threw what I needed in there. Can you spare the bathroom for two more minutes while I change?"

"Sure, go ahead. I have to sort out this mess anyway." She pointed at her hair. I chuckled and disappeared in to the bathroom with my clothes. Once I was dressed I hurried out, grabbed my bag, keys and phone, waved goodbye to Anna and left. 

Once outside I leant against the wall and took in a deep breath. Sam's face still graced my lock screen, and every time I looked at my phone it was another reminder that I'd screwed everything up. But it was also a reminder of how much I loved her, love her, and that burned brightly in my heart every time her eyes stared at me from the screen. Damn my idiocy. 

I shoved my earphones in, blasting Sam Smith, and marched over to Jak's house. I knocked on the door and it was some minutes before anyone answered. Finally, Liam appeared. 

"Sorry. Come in." He said. 

"Liam, you look..."

"...crap. I know."

"What happened to your eye?"

"Amanda hit me with my guitar."

I stared at the purple and black shiner. 


"I broke up with her, she wouldn't believe me, so I started handing her the stuff back, like you said. She picked up the guitar and swung it at me on her way out. It could've been worse."


"She could have broken the guitar?" He offered after a moment, smiling faintly. 

"Liam are you upset you broke up with her?"

"Kind of. But not because she's gone; you were right about her. It's just... I miss being able to see properly." He stared at me innocently until I started to laugh. 

"You're awful."

"I know. Come on. We'd better get on. There's a lot to clear and Ali can't help. She feels crappy this morning."

"Bless her. More doughnuts?"

"Jak's gone to get  them. I hope he gets  back soon; I don't want to do all the work."

"Hey! I'm here too."

"Yeah, but you're a girl. Notoriously weaker. Oh and... recovering from SURGERY."

"Oh... yeah."

"So you can do the little things. The light things. And remember, no bending down."

"Jeez, yes sir."

"And if you don't behave, I'll pull evil pranks on you for the first few months you live here."

"I'll still be recovering; you wouldn't dare."

"Sure I would."



"Okay, but what if I told you something funny about Anna?"


I told him about the morning dig for the straighteners and he laughed all the way up the stairs and in to the room. 

"She begged you not to say?"


"I'm going to torture her about her naive little packing plan." He grinned, beginning to shift boxes in the room. It looked sizeable, and the window gazed out on to the garden where I'd hosted the BBQ for Sam...

"Hey." Jak peeked his head in. "I'll be in soon. Just got to make a delivery. You alright Cara?"

I nodded and he grinned and left. I began moving small things in to boxes on the bed, things that would be redistributed in to other rooms, or the attic. When Jak finally appeared again, we had made a sizeable start. 

The End

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