Cara: Plans for movingMature

Now that living arrangements were sorted everything seemed a little brighter. Even if I had screwed up things with Sam, I still had friends and a place to stay next year. Now all I had to do was get a job. 

I sipped my tea and half - listened as Liam argued with Anna about something, I didn't pay attention to what. Instead I was staring at my phone, the background to which was still a picture of Sam. It hurt to look at her, but I felt it would hurt more to remove her picture. So I kept looking, every time I needed to check the time, or answer a text... 

"Cara back me up here." Liam said, dragging me back to the present. 


"I said, what is the point in packing her clothes a month early? She won't have anything to wear."

"I want it sorted!"

"He's kind of right Anna. You can do clothes in the last week. Keep some out to wear for the next three weeks."

"I can just live out of the suitcase."

"And then you'll be complaining every time you have to dig through to get the perfect outfit."

She grumbled and poked out her bottom lip. 

"But I've done it now!"

"So leave the ones in the drawers out and wear them."

"Yeah Liam, I can do that." She stuck her tongue out at him. 

"And don't pretend that was your plan all along because you were definitely going to pack them as well."

Anna sulked a little, and sipped her tea. 

"Who're you talking to anyway Cara?"

"Huh? I wasn't."

"You were staring at your phone. I thought you were texting."

"No." I slipped my phone in to my pocket and tried to look like I wasn't up to anything. 

"She has a picture of Sam as her background and she hasn't taken it off yet." Anna  muttered, staring at her tea. Liam glanced at me with saddened eyes. 

"It'll take time." He said. 

"It's not like she's died Liam."

"I know." He coughed, and changed the subject. "Right... well shall we sort out when you'll be moving in?"

"I guess the sooner I'm out of Anna's hair the better."

"You're not in my hair!" She protested. 

"You and Megan can't have sex quietly for the rest of the month." I reminded her. She  blushed and Liam guffawed with laughter. "When do you reckon Liam?"

"Well we'll have to clean out the room. It's like a storage facility at the moment. But once that's done, it's all good."

"Okay. Well I could help clean it then."

"Yeah. We could probably do that tomorrow, and then move in your stuff the day after?"

"Yeah... sounds great." My smile dropped.

"Better than a sofa." He smiled. 

"No... that's not it. Most of my things are back at my... I mean Sam's flat."

"Oh," He and Anna both looked awkwardly at each other and at me. 


"Well I could go and get them." Anna said. 

"Me too. We could both go." Liam said. 

"I should be able to do it myself..."

"You don't have to go through that Cara. That's why we're here." Anna came round the table to me and gave me a hug. I thanked her so she'd let go; I didn't deserve a comforting hug when it was my own fault. 

"I guess I could text her, ask if she'd mind if we came to pick things up."


"I can't just send you guys, that would be cowardly. I'll ask if we could pick them up  on move in day. Then we can take everything straight to Jak's house."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Cool." I took out my phone, and her blue eyes leapt out at me. "Maybe I'll text her when we've got the room cleared." I said, shoving it back in my pocket. 

The End

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