Anna: SuggestionsMature

It took me another couple of hours of packing before I got sick of the sight of bubble wrap and boxes. I had packed the majority of my clothes and some of the valuables that I couldn’t bare not to leave behind. I knew that I still had a lot of packing to do, especially since this flat would be lived in by someone else whilst I was away so I couldn’t leave anything here.

I put down the cellotape which I had been using to tape together a box full and shuffled into the kitchen and plonked myself down at the table.

‘How’s the packing going?’  I texted Megan before placing my phone on the table and getting up to make a cup of tea. Before I had even reached the kettle however my phone buzzed and I rushed back to it to see what Megan had replied with.

‘Hard work, but mum brought me over some boxes and is giving me a hand. How about you?”  I sighed, my mother hadn’t spoken to me since I told her about both me being gay and about America, it was like me being gay was a crime or something and my mother didn’t want to be caught up in any of it. I daren’t ask her to help me pack as I knew what she thought about the whole idea. It upset me that she couldn’t just accept it and be happy but that was her opinion and it didn’t really matter to me.

I punched a reply to Megan,

‘Long! I have too much stuff!’

‘I know the feeling!’ came the reply two seconds later. I smiled happily at the knowledge that my lovely Megan was coming with me to America. That my amazing girlfriend was staying right by my side, my little piece of home. I finished off making my mug of tea and sat down on the sofa; I took a slurp of tea and placed it onto the table in front of me.

My eyes drooped.

I must have fallen asleep on the sofa because the next moment I was been shaken away by Cara who was accompanied by Liam.

“Anna, wake up!”

“Where’s the fire?” I asked sitting up and looking up at Cara perplexed,

“No fire Anna, its just that Liam has come up with an idea about next year whilst your away,”

“Oh right go on,” I said interested,

“Well we want Cara to live with us so that she is not alone, but we also figured that it would be good that when you return from America then you have somewhere to live,”

“Right….” I said, nodding for Liam to continue,

“So we thought that Cara can live with us and Callum can move in here. He was saying he didn’t like the idea of living with a hormonal pregnant woman and he wants to get away from his current housemates so…..”

“Sounds like a brilliant idea Liam. I’d have to talk to the company but if Callum is up for it then sure. At least then I would know who would be living at my flat,” I replied with a smile.

“I spotted when we came in that you have made a start on the packing,” Cara said nodding towards the corner where I had placed a taped up box and a suitcase full of clothes.

“Yeah I have Cara, but I still have a ton to do! I swear I didn’t have this many clothes when I moved to university initially,”

“You probably didn’t,” Liam laughed, “What’s happening with those clothes?” asked Liam, pointing at the two piles of clothes next to my packing.

“Giving it away to friends, family or a charity shop or I will just throw them away. Feel free to have a look through them Cara and see if there is anything which takes your fancy.

“Cool,” Cara said, getting down on her knees and having a rummage through the piles, grabbing tops and holding them up to see if they suited her  and discarding the ones she didn’t want.

“I have an idea Anna,” said Liam suddenly, why don’t you and Megan have a jumble sale? Put in all the items you don’t want or need anymore and sell them, with all the money going towards America?”

“What a brilliant suggestion Liam!”

“Well you know me, always coming up with bright ideas!”

“Is it me or is your head growing Liam?”

“Its you” Liam said and both Cara and I laughed,

“Big head!” I chuckled.

The End

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