Anna: Starting To PackMature

Both Megan and I grabbed bin bags and began to throw the empty pizza boxes and bottles in,

“God, aren’t we all messy buggers!” I muttered to Megan as I found a half drunk can of lager in the corner of the room where Amanda had been sitting, she had obviously abandoned it when she had stormed out.

“I am surprised that we got though all that pizza,”

“Yeah me too, although I do wish he had let us pay for our pizzas,”

“Don’t complain, how often do you get given a free pizzas Anna!” Megan replied, shocked that I had complained about getting free food. Liam had paid for everyone’s pizza and when I pulled out a ten pound note to pay for mine and Megan, he refused to take it. I snuck the ten pound into his coat pocket when I was hanging it up for him but when he went to get something from his coat, it fell out and Liam give me a look and refused to pick it up. Stubborn boy!

I shoved the last of the empty pizza boxes and knotted the bag up, “There we go, that looks a little bit tidier… for now.”

“For now?” Megan asked curiously,

“Well we have a month left before we go, I think we need to start to pack and I figured that since Cara has gone out now is the perfect time to get started.”

“I like your logic Anna, I might get started too,”

“Well I have some spare bubble wrap from when I moved here which you can use if you want to take anything special with you,”

“The only thing I am taking which is special to me is you,” Megan said coming over to me and giving me a quick kiss.

“Do you know how corny that line is?”

“Yes I do but it still doesn’t make it any less true,”

“So what? You want to wrap me in bubble wrap?”

“Now there is an idea,” Megan said raising her eyebrows and grinning at me,”

“One downside to wrapping me up, it will make it harder for you to kiss me!”

“Now I am sure I would find a way!” Megan said before beginning to kiss my neck and unbutton my blouse.

“You are a very bad influence on me woman, I will never get anything done with you around…”

“Would you want to do anything other than me…..” Megan murmured seductively into my ear,

“No, I wouldn’t,” I agreed, I could feel my willpower failing as Megan slid my blouse off and began to kiss down my neck and, whilst her hands fiddled with my bra strap, which soon fell away. It was at that point at which I stopped fighting the inevitable and allowed myself the pleasure of multiple orgasms given to me by the woman I loved so much.


Several hours later, Megan had gone home to make a start on her packing for America and I had started to tackle my wardrobe, piling clothes into piles of what I want to keep, what I wanted to throw out, what I could give to friends or family and what I could give to charity. So far the biggest pile was the keep pile. All my clothes seemed to have a memory behind and I couldn’t bring myself to part with them. I was currently sitting on the floor, a pair of my favourite dungarees in my hands. My grandma had bought me them for my birthday, when dungarees had come back into fashion  and since my grandma was now dead, I really wanted to keep them, despite a tare down the seam which I hadn’t quite gotten around to sewing up.

I put the dungarees to one side, deciding they would be the start of a maybe pile and moved on the next item of clothing – a leaver’s hoodie from college - this I quickly put on the keep pile.

I managed to work my way through my wardrobe in the end, telling myself that I had to be strict with myself seemed to work as I managed to lessen the amount of clothes on my keep pile so that I had just enough to fill one bag and even that was with difficulty. The dungarees, I had eventually decided to keep due to sentimental value and had spent an hour sewing up the seam so that I could wear them again.

I decided to leave my chest of drawers, which was also full of clothes, until another day and start wrapping some of my valuable possessions. One in particular was a photo of myself and Cara at my sixteenth birthday party. We had both posed for a picture and hadn’t realised that we were both doing bunny ears on each other until after the photo had been taken. This was by far my most valuable possession as it was of me and my best friend.

Before getting started however, I decided to make myself a cup of tea as packing was hard work!

The End

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