Cara: First StepMature

Every time I laughed it felt strange. In fact, speaking, eating... all of it was strange. Having to deal with people was strange. It all felt foreign to me after so long with only the couch getting really close. 

"So Megan, are you alright with Cara sleeping here? I mean her and Anna used to go out right?" Amanda said, her head on Liam's chest. 

I glared at Amanda. Having people around me when I'd only just gotten off the sofa was hard enough without the snot nosed bitch monster being here, stirring things. 

"Anna and I trust each other and love each other. It doesn't bother me that Cara's here because they're just friends."

"Yeah but I mean she might need a rebound and-"

"You know, in my drug addled state I might accidentally fall on you for a rebound fuck tonight Amanda. How'd you feel about that?" I glared at her. 

"Ew, no, don't make gross jokes like that Cara." 

"Ha yeah, I wouldn't touch you with a barge pole." Amanda stared at me. "Ooops, sorry I just thought I'd clarify why it was a joke." 

Megan and Ali snorted, Jak and Callum actually buried their heads in to their shirts, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably. Amanda sniffed, then stood up and looked down at Liam. 

"Come on babe. We don't need to be round someone as bitter as Cara. Just because the sign of a happy relationship makes her realise how much she fucked up..."

The rest of the sentence didn't make it out of her mouth. I lunged at her across the empty pizza boxes. The only reason she remained intact was that Anna grabbed my wrist, which gave Jak enough time to block my way. He didn't look too bothered, but I could tell, when I'd calmed down, he'd only done it to stop Liam getting involved. 

Liam was involved anyway. 

"Why don't you ever stand up for me???" Amanda screeched at Liam. "You're supposed to love me!"

"Amanda I-"

"I can't believe you were going to just let her jump at me!"

"It's not like-"

"I have to get out of here, I'll get daddy to pick me up!"

"Amanda wait-"

"Call me when you realise you miss this!" She slapped her arse and stormed out of the flat. 

We all stared at Liam. 

"Guys, I have to go after her..."

"Mate I didn't want to say this but... she's a nut job. Dump her already."

Liam shrugged and followed Amanda. 



They decided to go home after all; Ali wanted her bed and didn't want to steal Anna's bed no matter how much she tried to give it up. 

"No seriously, I just need my own bed. Blip is making me feel a little tired." Ali said as Jak helped her with her coat. 

"Okay if you're sure?"

"I'm sure Anna, seriously, stop." I could tell Ali was tired; she was getting grouchy.

"Night Ali. Take care of yourself and little Blip." I gave her a hug. 

"Take care of yourself too." She said and then gave the others hugs and let Jak lead her out. Callum followed. 

"Maybe I should go too." Megan said. 

"Stay." I said before Anna could comment. "I just need to sleep, so you can keep Anna company. No funny business though remember?"

"Sure... sure." Anna and Megan both said smiling. 

Okay. Thanks for getting people round Anna. I think I needed it."

"You're telling me. Does this mean you won't be in a relationship with my sofa for much longer?"

"Yeah. I'm going to go and look for a job. I need to be able to pay the rent."

"So are you taking this place on?" Megan asked. 

"I don't know. I have to think." I smiled. "Goodnight." 

"Night. We'll tidy tomorrow." Anna said, looking at all the pizza boxes.

"Yeah." I smiled and hugged them both before going over to the sofa. 


I woke up to whispers and giggles. 

"Shush, we have to be quiet." Anna was saying. 

"But you're so fucking hot." Megan replied before she let out a low moan. Holy crap. Erm... I shifted, trying to put my head under the pillow and go to sleep. 

"I think she just moved..." I heard Anna whisper. 

"Don't stop, she's fine." Megan replied, gasping. I bit my lip and covered my ears, glad that the back of the sofa hid me from the bedroom. 

I slipped willingly back in to sleep before I could hear much more, and was thankful. 


"Morning." Anna said, appearing in the kitchen. "Wow... good to see you up." 

"I'm trying." I shrugged. "Baby steps."

"Yeah." She said glancing down at my slippers. 

"So... it was a good night last night."

"Yeah. Fun. Part from Amanda."

"Yeah. But I mean, you and Megan had a particularly good night..."

Anna's mouth popped open. 

"You were awake?"

"I woke up."

"I am so sorry...  it was really insensitive it's just that, you know, a girl has needs and-"

"Chill Anna." I smiled. "It's no big deal."


"I have to go anyway. I need to go to the library, print off a few CVs."

"Are you going to hand them out today? Need a hand?"

"No. You should spend some time sorting things with Megan. I bet you have loads of details to sort... I mean it's a month away now."

"Yeah... I guess... if you're okay I mean?"

"Anna, I'm not a glass doll. I needed to collapse a little... but I'm here. Alive. I'll call Liam, see if he wants to talk about last night."

"Okay, if you're-"

"Anna if you say 'if you're sure' one more time I will kick you in the throat."

"Woah okay okay!" She held up her hands in surrender. I glanced down at my jeans, slightly too big now, and my baggy t-shirt and hoody. 

"Okay, see you later."

I kicked off my slippers, slipped in to my shoes and grabbed the bag I'd gotten ready before heading out the door. I decided to go to the library and call Liam on the way; if he wanted to talk he could meet me. 

The End

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